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Community Feedback: How To Get it, How To Use it

Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits and Marc Maxson, who manages GlobalGiving’s storytelling project in East Africa, teamed up to host a training on Community Feedback this week. Listen to the recording and check out a summary below!

“Customer Reviews” are a valuable source of credibility for companies. Amazon, Yelp, and ZAGAT use this feature to attract new customers. The company gains trusting customers without lifting a finger and past customers have a place to share stories about their experiences.

65% of online shoppers read reviews before making a decision. GreatNonprofits harnesses this new trend by allowing volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders to review nonprofit organizations. These reviews, just like reviews for online stores, gives donors insight into what other stakeholders’ experiences have been like, thus giving the organization credibility.

GlobalGiving’s Storytelling Project: Updates from the Field

A few months ago we told you about our efforts to collect community feedback on the efforts that GlobalGiving partners and other NGOs are carrying out in Kenya.  GlobalGiving staff member Marc Maxson recently moved to Nairobi to help expand these storytelling efforts throughout East Africa.  We’ll be sending updates of his progress every so often.  In this blog post, Marc tells us about his experience working with a group of Kenyan youth to create categorizes for the community feedback stories GlobalGiving received last year.

Collecting beneficiary feedback – GlobalGiving’s storytelling project

GlobalGiving has a modest budget and team of around 25 people, all in one room in Washington, DC, but we face challenges similar to those of the largest of institutions involved in philanthropy and international development.  One of the biggest is assessing the impact of what we are doing.  With over 1,000 organizations implementing small projects in over 100 countries, it is impractical for our team to study each project’s impact in scientific detail.