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Tips & Tricks for GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign

Are you ready? GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign kicks off Saturday, December 1st. Throughout the entire month of December, we are matching all new recurring donations 100% up to $100 per donor. We have $25,000 in matching funds available. Matching will last until funds run out or December 31st at 11:59 pm.

That’s not all! To sweeten the deal, we’re also offering $500 bonus awards to the top FIVE projects with the most new recurring donors in December. Read additional terms and conditions here.

Here are some last minute tips and tricks to help you succeed this December.

How is this campaign different from other GlobalGiving campaigns?

  • Target outreach to your existing donors. Signing up for a recurring donation is a much bigger commitment than making a one-time donation. Focus your outreach on individuals who have supported your organization before with a donation or time.
  • Make it easy for your donors to sign up. Did you know that you can link directly to the recurring donation option on your project page? Just add “?show=recurring” to the end of your project URL. Find the complete link the “Share” tab on your project.
  • Say a big thank you for a bigger commitment! Consider recognizing your recurring donors in a special way by featuring them on your organization’s website, sending them special updates, or giving away a mug or a t-shirt. Get creative! What can you do to recognize recurring donors?
  • Stress the added value of making a recurring donation during this campaign. Let your donors know that their recurring donation will be matched this December and they could help your organization win a $500 bonus award! Emphasize that they have to sign up now in order for their donation to count during this campaign.

How should you communicate this campaign to your donors?

  • Emphasize the value of recurring donations to your organization. Let your donors know that recurring donations are a predictable stream of income for your organization and they make it easier to plan financially. Consider explaining how $20/month is more valuable than $240.
  • Connect donors’ recurring donations to your work on the ground. For example, $40/month is enough to pay teachers’ salaries in Liberia. Give donors concrete examples of how their donations will be used on a monthly basis.
  • Share your goals with your donors. What would you like to accomplish with the money that you raise from this campaign? Maybe pay 10 teachers for a year at a school in Liberia or provide medical treatment for one year for a sick child.

As always….

  • Inspire donors with stories and photos. Help donors connect to the people and communities that their donations will be impacting! Share stories or photos of one or two individuals who have been helped or who will be helped with their donations.
  • Use the deadlinesand the thresholds to encourage donors to give now and as a reason to send reminder emails throughout the campaign.
  • Send personal notes to close donors. Do you have donors that you know personally or that have been giving to your organization for a long time? Consider reaching out to them personally to let them know about this opportunity to support your organization.

Have questions? Email Katherine Sammons at

Sample donor email – Recurring Donation Campaign

GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign begins on Monday, May 2nd at 12:01 am EDT! Use this as an opportunity to increase your organization’s monthly income through consistent and reliable recurring donations. Get your donors excited about the campaign by reaching out to them via email, Facebook, GlobalGiving project reports, etc. See a sample donor email below.

Keep the momentum going throughout the campaign by staying in touch with your donors and letting them know about your progress. Read tips for communicating this campaign to your donors.

Sample donor email:

Be a top fundraiser in GlobalGiving’s Recurring Donation Campaign!

You asked us to make it easier to encourage donors to sign up for a recurring donation. So, here it is: the Recurring Donation Campaign! This campaign, taking place from Monday, May 2nd at 12:01 am until Friday, May 20th 11:59 pm, is a great opportunity to reach out to your donors about signing up for a recurring donation. The time constraint, thresholds, and bonus awards help  you to create a sense of urgency and to formulate a concrete ask: “Sign up for a recurring donation on GlobalGiving by May 20th to help us win one of twenty $500 prizes!”

On Wednesday, April 20th, GlobalGiving hosted a training on GlobalGiving’s upcoming Recurring Donation Campaign. We discussed the bonus awards ($12,000 in total!) and the campaign terms and conditions (read complete terms and conditions). We also discussed strategies for communicating and mobilizing your donors during this campaign. See training presentation.