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COVID-19 GlobalGiving Policy Update

COVID-19 GlobalGiving Policy Update

After speaking with our partners over the past few weeks, we know that nearly everyone is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of you are directly responding, and others have had to drastically modify programming and fundraising plans. In an effort to better support our community, GlobalGiving has amended existing policies to provide our partners with extra flexibility during this challenging time.

  • We’ve given all projects a 30-day project report extension. Your next report will be due thirty days later than its original due date, at no penalty to your organization. You can see when your next report is due in your dashboard.
  • If your organization has an application renewal due in April or May, we’ve extended your due date by two months.
  • If you have unspent funds from GlobalGiving received in 2020, consider these project-specific resources to be a general operating grant. We hope this allows you to use the funding in response to your most urgent needs during this difficult time. This statement is intended to replace and supersede article 6.1 in GlobalGiving’s Terms and Conditions for disbursements received from January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020. Please update GlobalGiving and your donors as to changes in fund use in your next project report.

We hope you will stay in touch and let us know how else we can be helpful. If your organization is directly responding to the pandemic, we also encourage you to post a new project so we can add you to our list of responding partners.

Using Slack at GlobalGiving

Using Slack at GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is constantly looking for resources and tools that our team can share with our partners to help your organization more easily achieve your mission and goals!

One resource we have recently been reviewing is the Slack tool. Slack is a digital workspace that allows your team to connect more easily and efficiently and is currently the fastest growing workplace productivity software in the world. Currently, GlobalGiving uses the Slack platform to easily coordinate across teams and limit the amount of emails we send as an organization. It has been an invaluable tool for our team!

Why Slack?

Slack organizes your organization’s work so that you can focus on what’s important and streamline your priorities. If your team spends several hours each day in your email inbox or uses email to organize your To-Do list, then you may benefit from Slack as a way to improve your workflow management and the way you organize priorities.

Advantages of using Slack:

  1. It’s a better way to organize teams around priorities as opposed to email or using spreadsheets.
  2. It can save the entire team time and keep tasks organized.
  3. It lets you build a custom workflow for your needs, with an extensive list of other software products that can be integrated with Slack.
  4. It can reduce the cost of training new hires, and better organize daily conversations.
  5. It enables your team to integrate new technologies into your work.

Announcing Changes to the GlobalGiving Dashboard!

Announcing Changes to the GlobalGiving Dashboard!

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is to Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. This means continuously listening to the feedback you, our nonprofit partners, provide us and constantly trying new ways to provide a better experience for everyone. With that in mind, we have heard your feedback regarding the Project Entry system and we are excited to announce that we have launched a new and improved dashboard!

What’s New?

We have changed the set-up of the old Project Entry system to be more of a complete summary of your GlobalGiving projects all in one place! You will be able to see recent activity for all your projects as well as a overall donor numbers and amounts raised. To help you explore this new tool, we have created this webinar as a introductory tour to your new dashboard!

For the next few weeks, we will keep a button at the top of your dashboard so you can switch back and forth between the new and old systems to give you time to transition. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are happy to help!

New Trending Projects Feature on the Homepage

New Trending Projects Feature on the Homepage

Have you noticed anything different about our homepage? You can now see GlobalGiving’s brand new feature: Trending Projects!

How does it work?

Every night, GlobalGiving updates trending scores for all projects based on their donation activity  on GlobalGiving over the last rolling week. Projects with a large relative increase in their donations compared to their activity over the seven previous days will have the highest trending scores.

Each project’s trending score is calculated relative to its own recent donation activity alone.  This means a project going from one donation to 10 is more likely to be a top trending project than one that increases from 100 donations to 110 donations, even though they had the same raw increase in donors. This ensures that all projects are on a level playing field when it comes to calculating whether or not they’re trending. Scores are updated every night and will remain the same until they’re updated the following day.  

The projects with the top five trending scores will have a banner on their project pages, and the project with the topmost score will be shown on the homepage!  

The idea is similar to Twitter’s trending topics and is based on the idea that showing trends publicly can be a useful drive of charitable donations. Research has shown that people get excited to give when they see that others are also excited and already giving, so we hope this will be a great tool to use to mobilize your donors to help you get on the homepage as a trending project!  

What’s next?

Right now, the only information available about trending projects is the banner itself.  But, in the future, we will email you when your project is trending so you know when your project is on the homepage! We are also exploring ways to let you know when you are close to trending so that you’ll be able to get your donors to help push you over the edge!  As our tech team adds new updates to this, we will let you know! If you have feedback or comments about the feature or questions about how it works, please reach out! We are happy to help.

Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

You’re probably used to it by now – every quarter, we at GlobalGiving send out a survey to get your feedback. We do this because we want to hear what you have to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that we can ultimately serve you, our nonprofit partners, better in the programs that we run, the technology that we develop, and the services that we provide!

As you know, one of our core values at GlobalGiving is Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. Surveying is one such way that we listen to you so that we can act in accordance with the needs, challenges, and priorities that resonate most. We are excited to share this overview of the top-line results, in addition to how we plan to act based on the feedback that we’ve received.

From May 15th to 26th, we released the 2017 GlobalGiving Nonprofit Partner Annual Survey, a long-form version of our quarterly survey, in which we asked you to answer key questions and topics related to the GlobalGiving experience. During the 12-day period during which the survey was open, 626 nonprofit partners responded. Of these, 55% were Superstars, 32% were Leaders, and 11.5% were Partners. (The remainder were organizations which are new to the platform.)