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Are YOU a Record Breaker?

Are YOU a Record Breaker?

GlobalGiving challenges everyone to be a Record Breaker in 2018! This year we’re announcing three all-time records and offering a prize package of $1,000 and social media promotion to the first five Record Breakers.  

Here are the three records to beat:

Most Dollars Raised by a Project in a Single Day Campaign: $55,397

This record is held by Alive Medical Services in Uganda and was set on November 28, 2017 during the #GivingTuesday Matching Campaign.

Most Donors Organized by a Project in a Single Day Campaign: 441

This record is held by Fundacion Madre Maria Luisa Casa in Venezuela and was set on November 28, 2017 on #GivingTuesday Matching Campaign.

Most Dollars Raised by a New Partner: $62,833

This record is held by Autismo en Voz Alta in Venezuela and we set during the June 2015 campaign for new partners to join GlobalGiving.

If you’re aiming be beat a record, please note that records can only be beaten during specified campaigns in 2018 (see the list in the Terms + Conditions below). Participants in the 2018 Girl Fund Bonus Day and March Accelerator will be first up to bat!  

For the sake of transparency, GlobalGiving will only consider totals captured on a designated campaign leaderboard towards breaking one of these records. Please keep in mind that every campaign has a unique set of Terms + Conditions detailing who is eligible and what type of donations will count.

Excited to celebrate the first five record breakers of 2018!

It’s time to announce GlobalGiving’s Seventh Annual Video Contest!

It’s time to announce GlobalGiving’s Seventh Annual Video Contest!

In a world where video is all the rage, the GlobalGiving team is eager to see your most recent productions! There’s just no match for the power that video has to build quick intrigue, trust, and connection. The medium has recently been described by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a “megatrend, almost as big as mobile.”

What we’ve been most excited to watch here at GlobalGiving is the ever-lowering barriers for creating quality video content. It has never been easier or cheaper for nonprofits to captivate audiences with bold visual storytelling. That makes us more excited than ever to watch your submissions!

This year, the Top 10 videos will win GlobalGiving social media promotion and get featured in a GlobalGiving Learn article. Last year’s winner feature was one of GlobalGiving’s highest viewed pieces of content, proving the irresistible nature of visual content.

The top grand prize winning video will also receive a solo feature in a GlobalGiving’s newsletter which gets sent to tens of thousands of engaged donors from around the world. In previous years, this feature has raised the winning project anywhere from $2,000 to $13,000.

Since it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between amateurs and professionals in the world of video, this year we’re asking YOU to reveal how your video came about. That’s because we’re offering additional promotion + learning opportunities to videos created by our many impressive non-professional videographers out there!  

What are you waiting for? Submit your video entry before the Friday, February 23rd deadline and read the full Terms + Conditions below!

Looking for quick tips? We recommend that you:

Submit to the 2017 Fail Forward Contest!

Submit to the 2017 Fail Forward Contest!

By Sonja Knudson, Program Team Fellow 2017-2018

Innovation is impossible without failure.  If you look at very successful people, their careers began with failure. Before he founded Microsoft, Bill Gates’ first product was a complete disaster. In high school, Michael Jordan was denied from the varsity basketball team. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first job at a news station before her huge success as a television host. At GlobalGiving, we recognize the importance of failure. One of GlobalGiving’s core values is ‘Listen, Act, Learn, and Repeat– we try, fail productively, and continuously strive to learn from our experiences.

In our fourth annual Fail Forward Contest, we want to celebrate your failures! But not only that– we want you to share with your donors how your organization failed and then ‘Listened, Acted, Learned and Repeated’ in order to grow as an organization.

Enter the Fail Forward Contest by submitting your failure story today through October 27th, 2017 midnight EDT and your organization will be entered to win a cash bonus prize and promotion on our social media & blog! Sign up here and see submission details below.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
– Henry Ford

Announcing Giving Week!

Announcing Giving Week!

You are invited to celebrate the GlobalGiving community during Giving Week (October 2-6)! Come celebrate the knowledge and visibility you’ve gained, the connections you’ve made, and the additional funds you’ve raised by being a part of this powerful community.

One of the biggest ways GlobalGiving gives back to you is through fundraising campaigns. So, please mark your calendars for Thursday’s Bonus Day on October 5th! On this day, organizations will compete for a share of the $50,000 Incentive Fund. Your share will be determined by what percentage of the total funds your organization raises on Bonus Day.

For example, if your organization raises 5% of the total dollars raised on Bonus Day, you will be awarded 5% – or $2,500 – of the Incentive Fund. This means that donations will count throughout the entire day!

There will also be six bonus prizes for top performing organizations in terms of funds raised and unique donors secured. See Terms + Conditions below for complete information. The week will kick off with an announcement of our Inaugural Top 10 List – will your organization be a winner? Chime in on Facebook to find out!

Introducing GlobalGiving’s Top 10 List!

Introducing GlobalGiving’s Top 10 List!

It’s the second anniversary of GG Rewards, so we’re celebrating nonprofits in the GlobalGiving community that have demonstrated the greatest commitment to effectiveness! As you probably know, GlobalGiving believes people and organizations who Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat are the most effective, and we measure your effectiveness through GG Rewards. This September we’ll launch a Top 10 List of organizations with the most Effectiveness Points!

If you have completed at least one Effectiveness Cycle on GG Rewards by August 18th, your organization will be eligible to be named in the GlobalGiving Top 10 Nonprofits Committed To Impact. Our inaugural List will feature the ten organizations with the most Effectiveness Points, and we’ll also highlight five honorable mentions—organizations whose submitted cycles make us say, “wow!”

We’ll promote the Top 10 List throughout our site and with our partners and also provide winners with digital badges and promotional materials! Winners will also receive award grants; $1,000 for the first place winner, and $500 for the others, including honorable mentions! So take a minute to check in with GG Rewards, complete any unfinished cycles, and share your “Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.” stories with us today!