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Ebola 100% Matching Campaign

Ebola 100% Matching Campaign

On April 1st at 00:00:01 EDT (see what time this is in your city) GlobalGiving.org and GlobalGiving.co.uk will match eligible donations 100% while funds last for Ebola focused projects. There will be $100,000 USD in matching funds on GlobalGiving.org and £15,000 of matching funds on GlobalGiving.co.uk.

The fight to eliminate Ebola and rebuild after the crisis is long from over. After reaching zero cases of Ebola, Liberia recently announced a new case in the country. Sierra Leone continues to fight the outbreak, with the president recently announcing a three-day lock-down for the country. Guinea struggles with civil unrest while the number of cases is increasing.

We invite organizations, who are working on Ebola related efforts, to participate in the match campaign.

The Ebola Match Campaign is running concurrently on the GlobalGiving.org and GlobalGiving.co.uk websites! This is a fantastic opportunity for all eligible partners to gain additional funding, gain more exposure, and offer your UK & US supporters a direct and relevant way to give to your project while also gaining country-specific tax benefits. If your projects are not currently on both GlobalGiving US and GlobalGiving UK, now is the perfect time to cross post!

  • If your project is currently listed on globalgiving.org and you would like to cross post your project to GlobalGiving UK‘s site, let us know here.
  • If your project is currently listed on globalgiving.co.uk and you would like to cross post your project to globalgiving.org, let us know here.

The US & UK campaigns will start at the same time, however please note that there are different match funding pots available, different leaderboards (found on the GlobalGiving.org and GlobalGiving.co.uk websites respectively), and different terms and conditions.

To make things a bit simpler, we have created a quick comparison table of the two campaigns to help with your campaign planning and communications.  The full terms and conditions for each campaign are included below.


Ebola Care app helps aid workers combat Ebola

We are happy to announce an exciting opportunity for GlobalGiving organizations!  If your organization is on the front lines fighting Ebola then we can help. The Ebola Care project is an initiative by Journey and GlobalGiving to provide aid organizations with the tools they need to make data collection easy and simple.

The following post was written by Philip Joubert from Journey.

The problem with paper forms
Soon after starting the Ebola Care project, we connected with Sam Herring, the data manager at a nonprofit combating Ebola in Liberia called More Than Me. He said that his “biggest priority is getting data from the field faster,” and asked us to help. Like Sam’s team, your staff is likely using paper forms to collect data. Unfortunately, working with paper forms can be very frustrating – it’s a time-consuming process to enter data into a computer and by the time you get access to the data it’s already old.


It can take days or weeks for data to become available

The Ebola Care App

Sam worked with us to develop the Ebola Care app, which runs on Android phones and completely replaces paper forms. Results from the two pilots run in Liberia have been extremely positive, and we are now in the process of deploying more than 1,000 phones to aid organizations in West Africa.


Sam Herring is using the app to manage Ebola efforts in Liberia

How it works
The Ebola Care app consists of five modules:  contact tracing, ambulance pickups, case files for orphans, quarantine monitoring, and tracking outreach events. Aid workers use the app to collect data, which is immediately available online to decision makers.


The Ebola Care app gives organizations real-time access to data

The data is accessed on Google Spreadsheets, and can be imported into different reporting tools like Excel. Ebola Care has an API which allows you to integrate with almost any reporting tool.

Joining the Ebola Care project
Getting access to Ebola Care is completely free for aid organisations fighting Ebola. If your organization signs up you’ll receive the following:

  • The Ebola Care app
  • Android phones for your team
  • Reporting through Google Spreadsheets
  • Technical Support

We also hope to supply SIM cards and airtime for the phones, however the details are still being finalized.
GlobalGiving partners can complete this form to secure your place in the Ebola Care project.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will my organization need training?
The app has been designed to be extremely simple to use, and it guides users through the entire processes. Your organization will also receive training materials.

When will I receive the phones?
The phones will be delivered starting early December.

One of my forms is not listed as a module. Can I still use the app?
Yes! You can request a module and we’ll add it. All you need to do is send us an example of the paper form and tell us a bit about your process. It will only take a few days for the new module to become available in the app.

How do I apply for the phones and app support?
Fill out this form and let us know what you need!