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Year-End Giving and Corporate Partners!

Year-end giving is in the air!  It’s also that time of year that our corporate partners join in the holiday spirit by giving GlobalGiving charitable gift cards to their employees, customers, and networks.

Your projects are eligible to receive corporate gift cards! Last year, GlobalGiving’s corporate partners purchased about $1,300,000 in gift cards during the holiday season alone. They use gift cards to motivate or reward employees and thank their clients. More than 1,300 nonprofit organizations received at least one of these gift cards. This season we expect even more corporate partner gift cards – meaning more than enough to go around supporting great, global programs, like yours!

Online Fundraising Academy: Corporate Outreach and Relationship Building

ingridThis Tuesday, Ingrid Embree, GlobalGiving’s Director of Strategic Partnerships joined us for the seventh session of the Online Fundraising Academy to discuss how she identifies and builds relationships with prospective corporate partners. Ingrid has helped more than 60 different companies achieve their philanthropic objectives with GlobalGiving. She has a history of helping organizations meet their operational objectives, develop fundraising capacity, and achieve legislative victories. Check out the session summary below!

Session recording:

Session notes:

Tips on how to get recommended to corporate partners on GG

  • The higher you partner reward status, the better – GG recommends Superstars to corporate partners first
  • Make sure you have a compelling project – have appropriate title and themes

Corporate Giving Trends – Good news!

  • 86% of U.S. companies plan to maintain or increase their international giving budget in the next fiscal year.
  • Local communities’ needs were the most influential factor for giving.
  • Younger workers prefer companies that engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and are pushing companies to change their traditional giving
  • 90% of people expect companies to support social or environmental issues.
  • CEOs are getting more involved in community involvement

Social-ResponsibilityCorporate Giving – What’s Important?

  • Corporations make investments when they intersect with the community, employees and company – the more categories your organization fits into, the better
  • You are the barometer of community needs – corporations like that they can hear what’s going on in your community
  • You are the subject matter expert – they want to hear the details, updates

Use trust indicators – this is a high trust relationship, so use as many trust indicators you have to prove you can be trusted

  • GlobalGiving – rigorous vetting process
  • Charity Navigator, Great Nonprofits, BBB Accredited Charity
  • Memberships, endorsements – anything that shows you’re legitimate
  • Memberships to professional associations
  • Local registered organizations that recognize your work
  • Quotes from donors, beneficiaries

“Development” is a lot like sales. It just takes longer, but you can use some of the same tools.

1. Research – target your list of people to reach out to

  • Wikipedia search “list of companies in [city]” – look at companies based there, have a strong presence; then expand search to the metropolitan, county, state, and country level
  • Google search “Company Name + Community Affairs” “+ CSR” “+ Philanthropy” “+ Giving” “+ Citizenship” etc. – get as much information about what they do, what they fund, who are the decision makers
  • Google News search their general financials – How is their stock? Any big layoffs? It’s a good time to reach out if their reputation took a hit
  • Search LinkedIn to see if your board, major donors, similar nonprofits, former classmates, etc. might know anyone at the company

Join Girl Effect Challenge!

We are excited to announce that GlobalGiving is again partnering with the Nike Foundation to run the Girl Effect Challenge! Does your organization want to take part in the Girl Effect Challenge? Read on for more information on the Girl Effect and how your organization can take part before the July 20 deadline.

What is the Girl Effect?
The Girl Effect is a campaign that harnesses the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. Almost 8,000 donors have already given almost a million dollars to the Girl Effect Fund, which currently supports twelve GlobalGiving projects! This is your opportunity to get your organization included in the Girl Effect Fund.

What is the Girl Effect GlobalGiving Challenge?
The Girl Effect Fund features innovative projects addressing the challenges adolescent girls are facing around the world. GlobalGiving, in partnership with the Nike Foundation, will host the Girl Effect Challenge to select 12 organizations to be included in the Girl Effect Fund for one year. Organizations featured will receive donations through the Girl Effect Fund (current Girl Effect Fund organizations are on track to raise over $30,000 each this year!)

Organizations must have a project that specifically targets marginalized girls ages 10-19 living in developing countries, and must incorporate one or more elements of Girl-Centered Design described in this handbook. The full Terms and Conditions are here.

The Girl Effect Challenge will take place from November 1-30, 2012. During this Challenge you’ll have a month to raise funds and the top six organizations with the most unique donors will be included in the Girl Effect Fund for a full year.

Six additional organizations will be selected by a Girl Effect expert panel, giving preference to compelling projects that are particularly innovative, inspirational, or effective.

You must fill out an expression of interest form before July 20, 2012 to be included in the campaign. The expression of interest form will ask general questions about your project, project beneficiary information and project activity information. The form is one page long and all questions can be found here. You’ll be notified if you’re eligible to participate no later than August 6, 2012. And since you’ve already been vetted by GlobalGiving, all you’ll have to do to participate is post a new project or continue fundraising for your active, eligible project that’s already on during the Challenge dates!

Insight from a Girl Effect Fund winner!
A big thank you to Project Leader Erika Keaveney of Lotus Outreach for taking time to share insight on being part of the Girl Effect Fund!

How has the Girl Effect Fund helped Lotus Outreach?
Erika exclaimed that the “Benefits are transformative!” And the “Effects are tremendous!”

Winning a spot in the Girl Effect Fund helped Erika’s organization reach more girls and as a result ensures hundreds of girls are kept in school.

What are some of the benefits of participating in the Girl Effect Challenge?
Some of the benefits include: Public Relation opportunities, engagement of board members and financial growth.

Erika encourages organizations to take part in the Girl Effect Challenge if they are ready to mobilize!

We look forward to seeing your application and learning more about your organization and the work you do to support adolescent girls! Please send any questions you have to

The Inside Scoop: Dell’s International Strategic Giving

This June, GlobalGiving is hosting a three-part webinar series on corporate giving. On Thursday June 27th we were excited to have Deb Bauer, the Director of Dell’s Corporate Giving host the final webinar in the series, The Inside Scoop: Dell’s International Strategic Giving. Deb spoke about Dell’s strategic giving, community engagement and how to foster a good corporate partnership. If you missed Deb’s webinar or would like a re-cap you can find some highlights below as well as a link to her slideshow and discussion:

Listen to Deb’s presentation and view the slides here.

Background on Dell’s Giving

Dell began giving locally, wanting to represent where the company was working and where Dell customers are.  As Dell began growing globally, so did their span of giving. Dell now works and gives around the world. When deciding what types of projects should be their focus Dell examined themselves as a company and decided to stick to their roots, focusing on young people, the under-served and education initiatives. Dell looks to partner with projects utilizing technology to better their communities. Dell is a 1% company, meaning they give 1% of their annual pre-tax profits.

How Dell Gives

  • Business-led donations
  • Matched employee giving
  • Strategic programs

Types of Projects Dell Works with

  • Youth leadership
  • Social innovation
  • Pediatric cancer
  • Disaster relief

How Dell Identifies Project Partnerships

  • Through employee engagement and referral
  • Reaching out to GlobalGiving to learn about possible project partnerships
  • Call for proposals (only for US organizations)

What Makes an Organization Ready to Work with Dell?

  • Open to employee engagement
  • A respectable track record
  • An innovative idea
  • The ability to make a measurable impact
  • Open to building a transparent relationship

Helpful Resources

As our corporate giving webinar series comes to an end we wanted to touch on two re-occurring themes all three of our presenters spoke about:

  • Volunteer relationship are invaluable; if you are interested in partnering with a company get employees involved through volunteer activities. Think about tailoring your volunteer activities to employee expertise. For example, Dell looks for volunteer opportunities that are technology based. Employee volunteers can help to advocate for your organization within the company.
  • Having a good track record is important. Companies like to work with organizations that have a strong track record within the community and among partner organizations and rigorous financial and organizational documentation. Reflect on your organization’s impact record and how the community you serve views your work.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Corporate Giving Webinar Series!

GlobalGiving’s Approach to Building Relationships with Corporate Partners

This June, GlobalGiving is hosting a three-part webinar series on corporate giving. For part two of this webinar series, we were happy to have our very own Ingrid Embree, Director of Strategic Partnership here at GlobalGiving give a fantastic webinar on GlobalGiving’s Approach to Building Relationships with Corporate Partners on June 20th. Ingrid discussed how to identify prospective corporate partners and how to build relationships. Ingrid also spoke about how GlobalGiving selects partners to recommend to corporate partners.

View the presentation slides here. Contact Alexis Nadin at for a link to the training recording.

Prospecting for new corporate partners

  • Make cold calls after researching various businesses
  • Commit to a set number of calls a week and track the progress (Ingrid makes 40!)
  • Take advantage of travel time. So, if you travel to a conference check if there is a company you could visit/meet with
  • Be confident in what you have to offer – you’re a subject matter expert!
  • “Layering” through multiple interactions both on and off-line establishes trust and builds relationships
  • Be opportunistic!

Volunteers can be your biggest asset

  • Employee volunteers are a good “foot in the door;” get employees interested in your project and have them volunteer
  • Virtual volunteering is an easy way for people to get involved with your organization

The best way to contact potential partners: calls vs. emails

  • Emails are easy to write, but also easy to delete
  • For layering purposes email first unless the situation better fits a phone call
  • Make a personal call in situations where you would be able to meet in person, for example already being in the area for another meeting or conference
  • Phone calls can be uncomfortable, but effective
  • Postal mail is still a great option and unexpected!
  • Use your judgment and vary it depending on the company

Learning from experience

  • Be tenacious, but patient
  • Your integrity will be appreciated
  •  Look for a good fit not just a good sale
  • Referrals are often your best leads
  • Ask questions and research: Who have supporters been in the past? Who would be interested?
  • Examine corporate culture before reaching out

GlobalGiving’s corporate partner programs

  • Corporate partner relationships all look different, at GlobalGiving we are flexible, ex: some companies like gift cards, some like employee giving and some prefer cause-marketing

Suggestions for making your project attractive to corporate partners 

  • Donors spend on average 30 seconds looking at a project page. Keep your page visually attractive by making sure your main photo is in high resolution, close up and that your project title is inspiring and catchy
  • Cross-list your project accordingly by choosing all themes which apply
  • Strive to be a Superstar! Make sure your project is active and visible by taking advantage of GlobalGiving’s Project Rewards program
  • Find additional tips for taking advantage of corporate partnerships here
  • Find more information on GlobalGiving’s Partner Rewards Program here.