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It never hurts to ask…bigger

Over the last six weeks, GlobalGiving conducted an experiment on your project pages to learn more about donors’ giving behavior.

In the past, the default giving option (the auto-selected button) was always the lowest option on the project page. These giving options are denominations you selected (and can change) when you created your project page.

Hypothesis: If the default giving option was the largest listed amount less than or equal to $30*, then the average donation would increase.

Too Many Fish? Redefining the Proverb

The “give a man a fish” proverb is well-known (and overused) in philanthropic circles. The idea starts off well – teaching skills produces more long-term benefits than handouts. That’s true, but the next generation of philanthropy is evolving even further.

Yesterday, I saw a blog post about the limits of foreign aid, both as directed by governments and by philanthropic organizations – GlobalGiving was cited as an example. The conclusion was that GlobalGiving (and others) provide too many fish and not enough fishermen.

Overthrowing the Content King

You know you need content. I know you need content. I know you know you need content. And you know I know you know you need content.

What you’d be surprised to learn about 30% and 50% fundraising matches

After the success of 2009’s Give More Get More extended matching campaign, we decided to try more in 2010. Most of the feedback we received from Give More Get More centered on the complexity of the matching tiers. So we decided to try simplifying the concept with Bonus Day – 24 hours of blitz fundraising where donations were matched at a certain percentage.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I’m always getting emails from Mari in my inbox. This isn’t unusual; she is the president and co-founder of GlobalGiving. And since she is my boss, I read them (rather than auto-filtering them). This is how most of them go:

Really awesome work on [thing the team or I just accomplished]! I was at lunch at [delicious restaurant] the other day having a conversation about [complicated topic I rarely fully understand], and I think your work really relates. I was wondering what your thoughts were on [3 related ideas I never thought of]. Do you think we could do that?