Introducing Automated, Segmented Thank You Notes

Introducing Automated, Segmented Thank You Notes

We all know that thanking donors soon after they give is key to forming a long-term relationship with them. We also know that for a long time, nonprofit partners have had to send thank you notes to their GlobalGiving donors one-by-one, which sometimes takes hours after a successful fundraising campaign. Many partners had great ideas for improving the thank you note process, which our team of developers took very seriously! 

Starting today, we’re so excited to introduce a new tool that will make thanking your donors easier, faster, and more meaningful. 

The new Thank You Notes Manager introduces two powerful concepts: automation and segmentation. By setting up automation rules, you ensure every single donor is thanked on a timeline you decide. 

Watch the video explainer.

Similar to project appeals, your donations are divided into one of three segments: more than $100, less than $100, or recurring. You can tie each of your thank you note templates to a segment, project, and automation rule. Here’s an example:

While the majority of your donors can be thanked using automation, you may still want to thank some donors with a custom note. These donations will show in Highlighted Donations (instead of a segment within Other Donations) so you can write a new note. Here are the settings for which donations show in Highlighted Donations:

The Thank You Note Template Editor has also been improved! Creating new templates as well as editing and deleting templates is much more streamlined than before.

There’s a lot to explore in this new tool! Automation is turned off until you turn it on for your organization, so take your time to explore the new features. This video explainer will help you get started. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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