We asked. You Answered. Here is what we heard.

We asked. You Answered. Here is what we heard.

Over the last several months, we’ve collected feedback from our nonprofit partners about what new tools, features, and improvements you’d like to see on our platform in two different ways. First, late last year, we shared a public-facing product roadmap to collect your ideas about what improvements we should prioritize. Then in March, we sent our annual survey, getting your feedback on everything from our email response times, to our matching campaign design, to our learning tools and resources. We’ve heard from nearly 1,000 of you, and you’ve inspired us with your innovation and thoughtfulness! Here is some of what we heard, and how we are planning to respond (or have already):

Bringing greater visibility to your work  – when we asked “What does GlobalGiving do for your organization”, the most common response, after fundraising support, was related to GlobalGiving bringing greater visibility to your work through our marketing efforts. We are putting even more effort and resources into our marketing efforts this year to make sure we can continue to bring more eyes and dollars to your projects!

You prefer to email us – we asked about how you like to get in touch with GlobalGiving team, and 75% of our partners indicated they’d rather email. We’ll continue to offer support over the phone and live chat, but we are investing in our systems and our team to provide even faster and more helpful responses when you send us an email.

You agree with us that it’s important to be accountable to the community you serve. After you shared “what it looks like for an organization to be accountable to its community” we updated our definition of “Community Led.” Our new working definition is: “Community led means being accountable to the vision and priorities set by a community. Community-led approaches put the people most affected by the work in the lead, ensure diverse representation in decision-making, mobilize the community’s own resources, and use feedback to improve.”

Your feel prepared for GlobalGiving campaigns, but aren’t always satisfied with your own performance, and want us to ensure matching funds are awarded fairly and last longer. We have started collecting feedback from participants immediately after each campaign to better understand what types of campaigns work best for different organizations. We’re also planning to add additional matching funds to our most popular campaigns to ensure a better experience for our partners and donors.

Our partners know best on how to improve their experience on GlobalGiving. Here are the projects that have already been completed this year based on your feedback.

When it comes to learning new things from GlobalGiving, you said you prefer short videos and articles – our partners are busy and value consuming content in small doses for the most part. We will work to make our content more easily digestible, getting you the information you want quickly and efficiently.

You like to get to know us and want to get to know each other – almost everyone who had an in-person visit from a GlobalGiving staff member or field traveler said it helped them feel more connected to the GlobalGiving community. When we read through your responses on how you felt about local support, most of you expressed appreciation for having in-person visits either from our Field Team or our Country Consultants. We hope to grow and continue these visits, making them even more valuable to you. Equally exciting was that you expressed a desire for us to connect you with the other nonprofits in the GlobalGiving community as a way to increase local support. Designing more ways to connect our partners in person is a goal for our Field Programs and teams.

Thank you again for always being so willing to share your feedback with us. We look forward to more learning and improving – together – throughout the rest of the year and into 2020!

Did you miss the chance to fill out our annual survey, or want to share another suggestion with GlobalGiving? Send us a note anytime, we love to hear from you!

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