Build Your Monthly Giving Program With This 100% Monthly Match Offer

Build Your Monthly Giving Program With This 100% Monthly Match Offer

Want to build your monthly giving program? Trying to incentivize donors to give on a more consistent basis? Look no further! GlobalGiving’s 100% match on new monthly donations is a great opportunity for your organization to amplify its membership base, while also securing more consistent funding. 

From now until December 31, 2020, all new monthly recurring donations made will be matched 1-to-1 up to $200 per donor per organization while funds last. Please note that this match is only applied to the first donation.

With this match, starting a monthly giving program just became that much easier! At GlobalGiving, we believe that monthly giving programs are a great way to build a strong foundation of diverse donors. This is just one of the many reasons why starting a monthly giving program and encouraging your donors to take part in our 100% Monthly Match could transform your organization. When you build a strong donor base, you’re leading your organization towards the forefront of sustainable funding. 

How To Get Started:

  • Send out an appeal: Thanks to GlobalGiving project appeals, informing your donors about this new matching opportunity is simple! As of this year, there’s no limit to how many project appeals you can send and now you can segment your appeals to get your message to the right audience!
  • Post on social media using our eye-catching graphics: We’ll make it easy for you. We provide the graphics – you make the post!
  • Talk about it at your next event: Sometimes the best way to engage your donors and inform them of new opportunities is through face-to-face interaction!
  • Link your project URL to recurring donation options: When promoting this match offer, link to your project using a URL that defaults to displaying monthly donations. You can do this by adding “?show=recurring” to the end of your project URL or go to the “SHARE” tab on your project page to find your unique monthly donation URL. This nifty trick prevents those trying to give monthly from accidentally making a one-time donation!

Terms & Conditions:

  • An anonymous donor has generously provided $155,000 in matching funds for new recurring donations on GlobalGiving. This matching offer is valid from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59 pm Eastern, or while funds last.
  • The purpose of this matching offer is to get more donors to sign up for recurring monthly giving. Why is this important? Monthly recurring gifts provide the projects on our site with a reliable and sustainable source of funds that they can use to plan programs, create budgets, and expand services. And that means more good happening on the ground!
  • New recurring donations created on during this campaign will be matched 1-to-1 up to $200 per donor per organization while funds last. Eligible recurring donations of $201 or larger will be matched at $200, meaning a $200 recurring donation will get a $200 match.
  • To be eligible for matching, the recurring donation must last for at least three months after the initial donation (a minimum of four donations total). For example, if you start a new recurring donation in November and keep it active through December, January, and February, then your initial donation from November will be matched.
  • Recurring donations that are canceled after the initial donation but before the third automatic recurring donation are not eligible for matching.
  • Recurring donations made by project leaders or staff of the recipient project or organization are not eligible for matching. Donations from board members, however, are eligible for matching.
  • If you change the project that you are supporting, GlobalGiving will direct the match to the project selected when the third automatic recurring donation occurs.
  • Only recurring donations created on are eligible for this matching offer.
  • This is a one-time matching donation to the project. It is not a repeating monthly match.
  • This offer limited to matching a donor’s first recurring donation to a project. If a donor cancels their recurring donation and makes a new recurring donation to the same project, they are not eligible for additional matching.
  • The intent of the matching offer is to match as many unique recurring donors as possible to as many organizations as possible.
  • GlobalGiving will monitor and review all donations made through this matching offer. We hope to match as many recurring donations as possible, but please note that to uphold the spirit of this matching offer GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the allocation of matching funds. We reserve the right to prevent abuse of this offer and ensure that as many projects and donors are able to benefit as possible.
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