GlobalGiving’s New Fundraiser Tool

GlobalGiving’s New Fundraiser Tool

We have exciting news – GlobalGiving has listened to your feedback and revamped our fundraiser tool! This means you have an upgraded resource to share with your fundraising advocates and engaged donors to use to secure more donations to your important work!

While fundraisers have been a tool on GlobalGiving for several years, we recently designed them to be easier to use, more transparent, and all-around more beautiful! Go to to start exploring.

Because fundraisers are now easier to use, we’ve started promoting them to donors in new places, too. You’ll see “Start a Fundraiser” in the website footer, as well as a bolder call-to-action for donors on your project page under the donation options.

You’ll also notice that the number of fundraisers is included in your project summary stats, under the summary paragraph on your project page.

On the left-hand column of your dashboard, you can access your brand new Fundraiser Manager! There, you’ll see a list of every fundraiser created for your organization’s projects, including links, amount raised, and name of the fundraiser. By clicking “Send Now,” you can send a thank you note to the fundraiser creator and express your gratitude for their fundraising efforts.

In this list, you may see some fundraisers you don’t want associated with your organization. In that case, removing your project from that fundraiser is easy! Simply click “Reject” and your project will be removed from that fundraiser.. The fundraiser creator will not be notified, and your project will not receive future donations from that fundraiser.

Fundraisers can be a great way to harness your fundraising advocates’ energy and establish donor captains for campaigns. The Fundraiser Manager can help you keep track of which fundraiser has raised how much money, and help you make progress toward your goal.

Here are some resources from the Learn Library to help you create a team of fundraising advocates and make the most of the fundraiser tool:

We hope these upgrades will get you excited about harnessing your fundraising advocate network in your next campaign! If you have any creative ideas or lessons learned from peer-to-peer fundraising, let us know. And as always, feel free to reach out with any suggestions on how we can improve this tool. We are always open to your feedback!

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