GG Rewards Bonus Day 2018!

GG Rewards Bonus Day 2018!

Are you a Partner, Leader, or Superstar on GlobalGiving? Quick, go take a peek! Why? Your status will determine the match percentage your organization will receive in GlobalGiving’s next campaign!

This year’s GG Rewards Bonus Day will have more in matching funds and bonus prizes than ever before! On this day, from 9:00am to 11:59pm EDT on Wednesday, July 18th, GlobalGiving will have $120,000 available in matching funds. The match percentage depends on your organization’s GG Rewards Status.

Superstar organizations will be matched at 50%; Leaders at 40%; and Partners at 30%.

Also up for grabs this Bonus Day will be $9,000 in bonus prizes, a 100% recurring match, and a chance to earn homepage time on GlobalGiving and social media promotion! Please note, as a new fairness mechanism, no organization can receive more than $5,000 in one-time matching. Discover how to make the most of this day by reviewing the Terms + Conditions below and watching this quick 30 minute campaign webinar

If you’re not a Superstar yet, there’s still time! Your GG Rewards status will lock on July 17th at 9:00am EDT, so start preparing now by increasing your GG Rewards status to reach Superstar level! To learn more about the GG Reward program, you can watch this short video.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call at +1 (202) 232-5784. We’re happy to help!


2018 GG Rewards Bonus Day Terms and Conditions

Timing and eligibility:

  • Bonus Day begins at 9:00:01 EDT on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018, and ends at 23:59:59 EDT on July 18th, 2018.
  • Project Eligibility: Active Partner, Leader, and Superstar organizations are eligible to participate in the 2018 GG Rewards Bonus Day, and all their projects — including microprojects — submitted by Thursday, July 12th will be automatically included on the leaderboard.
  • GlobalGiving-sponsored projects and funds are ineligible to receive matching funds on this Bonus Day.

One-Time Matching Funds:

  • There will be $120,000 in matching funds available on this Bonus Day, applied at 30% to 50% to donations depending on your organization’s GG Rewards status.
    • Organizations with the GG Rewards status of Partner will be eligible to have their donations matched at 30% until funds run out.
    • Organizations with the GG Rewards status of Leader will be eligible to have their donations matched at 40% until funds run out.
    • Organizations with the GG Rewards status of Superstar will be eligible to have their donations matched at 50% until funds run out.
  • In order to benefit as many partners as possible, organizations will be capped at $5,000 in matching funds.
  • Your GG Rewards Status at 9:00 EDT on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018, will determine which matching percentage you are eligible for on the July 18th Bonus Day.
  • Online one-time donations of up to $500 per unique donor per organization are eligible to be matched on Bonus Day.
  • Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We are monitoring these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only distinct donors are counted.
  • We encourage you to get donations in early because matching funds will likely run out before the end of the day.
  • Please note that GlobalGiving will monitor and review all donations made through this matching offer.
  • GlobalGiving reserves the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the allocation of matching funds.

Recurring Matching Funds:

  • Recurring Match: New recurring donations up to $200 per donor per project on Bonus Day will get an additional 100% match on the initial donation as long as it remains active for a minimum of four total payments.
    • Breakdown: On Bonus Day, while the $120,000 in matching funds remain, new recurring donations get the 30-50% one-time match right away (depending on your organization’s GG Rewards partner status), and, if the recurring donations remains active for at least four automatic payments, GlobalGiving will match the initial donation up to $200 an additional 100%.
  • The recurring match offer will be good throughout the entire Bonus Day.
  • Recurring donations made by project leaders or staff of the recipient project or organization are not eligible for the recurring match.

Bonus Prizes:

  • Cash prizes will be awarded to:
    • The Project with the most funds raised: $3,000
    • The Project with the most one-time donations: $2,000
    • The Project with the most recurring donors: $2,000* (Note: this prize will be awarded in November to the project with the most active recurring donors started on this Bonus Day. The leaderboard will adjust accordingly for cancelled recurring donations)
    • Record breaking projects: Projects participating in the July 18th Bonus Day are eligible to compete for Records #1 & #2 in GlobalGiving’s Record Breaker Challenge. Beat either of these records on Bonus Day to win a $1,000 prize.
  • Promotional prizes will be awarded to projects that reach the following fundraising levels:
    • Social Media Promotion: Projects that raise more than $5,000 from at least 10 donors will receive social media promotion from GlobalGiving.
    • Homepage Time: Projects that raise more than $10,000 from at least 20 donors will receive homepage time on GlobalGiving. Winning organizations will work with GlobalGiving to determine the ideal date to be featured.

Donation Methods & Disbursements:

  • Donation eligibility: Only online donations made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, ApplePay, or a GlobalGiving official gift card are eligible for matching funds. Online donations must be made by the account or credit card holder.
  • The following forms of donations are ineligible to receive matching funds during the 2018 GG Rewards Bonus Day: Cash, check, text-to-give, CAF check, CAF online, wire transfers, gift aid, donations made by JustGiving, donations made on a GlobalGiving corporate or organizational giving site, or donations made directly to an organization rather than a project.
  • Please note that all donations are final. GlobalGiving cannot change the time, date, or status of a donation after it is processed for any reason.
  • Any activity not in the spirit of requesting separate individuals to support donations is being moderated by GlobalGiving and GlobalGiving reserves the right to permanently disqualify organizations for any attempts of misconduct.
  • The exchange rate for donations made in currencies other than USD will be estimated at the time of the donation, but may be subject to change until the donation settles with the donor’s bank or credit card. Funds will be disbursed using the exchange rate based on the settlement value of each transaction.
  • Funds raised and bonus prizes earned will be disbursed in the usual monthly cycle, with the exception of the recurring donor bonus prize which will go out in November.

Tax-Efficient Giving & Fulfillment Fee:

  • Tax Efficiency: GlobalGiving is a registered nonprofit charity in the United States and England and Wales. Donations made by eligible donors in the United States can be claimed as tax deductible contributions on United States tax returns. Donations made by eligible donors in the United Kingdom can claim Gift Aid (an extra 25% added to eligible donations by the UK Government) when they donate in GBP.
  • Fulfillment Fee: GlobalGiving charges a minimal nonprofit support fee plus a 3% processing fee. For US and UK registered organizations the nonprofit support fee is 5%; for organizations outside the US and UK, it is 7%. During the GG Rewards Bonus Day, the fee only applies to the initial donation and not to bonus prizes or matching funds earned. The fee helps cover the costs we incur to promote your organization and projects, to provide you with fundraising training and tools, and to maintain and improve our online technology in order to keep you connecting with new donors.


Sarah Gale

about 3 years ago

When is the deadline for submitting reports or appeals to go out on bonus day?

Kelly Wilson

about 3 years ago

Hi Sarah, the deadline for submitting anything that requires approval from GlobalGiving for next week's bonus day is tomorrow, July 12th at 5pm EDT. Items that require approval include: new projects, project edits, project reports, and project appeals. Hope that helps!

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