GlobalGiving’s Second Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program!

GlobalGiving’s Second Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program!

Last year, we listened to your feedback for GlobalGiving to build additional ways for you to learn from your peers and built the GlobalGiving Mentoring Program. Last year’s program was a giant success with more than 100 requests to chat with one of our mentors! From learning more about marketing your organization to navigating through the GG Rewards system, our mentors helped many of you to take your organization to the next level.

We are continuing the program this year with four new GlobalGiving partners who are here to mentor you through your fundraising journey and help your organization become more successful. Here are the four topics you can now receive assistance on through a consultation:

  • Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget – Magy Kaleynska (GLOW Association)
    • Magy will help your organization build a social presence which is key for attracting more supporters and donors for your cause. If you struggle to do it on a tight or no budget, than this consultation is for you! You will learn specific tactics for attracting followers for your profiles and keeping the ones you already have active.
  • Maximizing Your Fundraising on GlobalGiving  – Mansi Kotak (The Rahul Kotak Foundation)
    • Mansi will help your organization think through how to create simple, effective and eye-catching infographics, posters and videos on a budget to help you raise more funds!
  • Maximizing Benefits through GG Rewards Strategies – Venkat Ramakrishnan (Isha Vidhya)
    • Venkat has been on GlobalGiving for three years with his organization, Isha Vidhya, and has learned a great deal about how best to use the GlobalGiving platform for your organization’s success! Venkat can help you better understand how you can utilize the GG Rewards system to become more effective as an organization and get more donor visibility!
  • Using Integrated Communications for Storytelling  – Alicia Carter (Even Ground)
    • Alicia will help your organization develop a personal connection between donors and your cause by focusing on ways to tell positive stories of empowerment and success using email, social media, and video to engage your donors and promote your cause!

To make the most of your consultation, check out the following tips from on of our current mentors, Venkat Ramakrishnan!

As a Mentee, make sure to:

  • Share as much information about your organisation and your projects, so that the mentor is in a position to understand your context in order to better assist
  • Feel free to be in touch with the mentor after the mentoring session with follow-up questions
  • Be prepared with a list of questions before the mentoring call so that the mentoring time is better utilized
  • If you are unable to communicate in English fluently, please let the mentor know in advance, so that alternate arrangements can be made if possible
  • Please provide feedback about how the mentoring session went, both to the mentor and to GlobalGiving!

Try to Avoid:

  • Being late to a meeting! The mentors are taking time out of their busy days to help you, so please try to stick to the scheduled time or let your mentor know you are unable to make it!
  • Expecting a meeting to be planned right away! Mentors are trying to fit in multiple consultations to their busy schedules, so even if you request a certain date or time, you may need to be flexible on the actual consultation time. Mentoring meetings are scheduled for once or twice in a month by every mentor, so your meeting may be scheduled one or two months down the line. Also, remember that multiple organisations are competing for the limited slots, so first-come-first-served is the way it works.
  • Diverging from the topic for which you have requested for mentoring. On the other hand, if the mentor feels that there’s a connection between the two topics, they themselves will diverge a little bit to let you know the tips and tricks for you to achieve success in your mentoring area.

If any of these projects interest you, make sure to sign up today for a consultation! If you have any other suggestions or recommendations for topics that might interest you, please let us know by emailing!

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