Using Slack at GlobalGiving

Using Slack at GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is constantly looking for resources and tools that our team can share with our partners to help your organization more easily achieve your mission and goals!

One resource we have recently been reviewing is the Slack tool. Slack is a digital workspace that allows your team to connect more easily and efficiently and is currently the fastest growing workplace productivity software in the world. Currently, GlobalGiving uses the Slack platform to easily coordinate across teams and limit the amount of emails we send as an organization. It has been an invaluable tool for our team!

Why Slack?

Slack organizes your organization’s work so that you can focus on what’s important and streamline your priorities. If your team spends several hours each day in your email inbox or uses email to organize your To-Do list, then you may benefit from Slack as a way to improve your workflow management and the way you organize priorities.

Advantages of using Slack:

  1. It’s a better way to organize teams around priorities as opposed to email or using spreadsheets.
  2. It can save the entire team time and keep tasks organized.
  3. It lets you build a custom workflow for your needs, with an extensive list of other software products that can be integrated with Slack.
  4. It can reduce the cost of training new hires, and better organize daily conversations.
  5. It enables your team to integrate new technologies into your work.

How can Slack improve our organization?

Slack uses channels to organize conversations, and gives members of your team various roles to customize what they can do. Most management tasks are basically (1) deciding what’s important to do now, (2) delegating tasks to people on your team, (3) following the work as it happens, and (4) reminding yourself and others to do things when they need to be done. All of these naturally integrate with Slack.

How is GlobalGiving using Slack?

Currently, GlobalGiving uses Slack for our own internal work management but we also want to connect our partners using this tool. We are piloting a few programs, including this year’s Social Impact Academy and the Leadership Council, to see how best to allow our nonprofit partners to connect and learn from one another. We will be sure to give an update with how the pilots went and next steps on using Slack with more of our partners!

We are also here to help you get your team transitioned over to using this free software to improve your effectiveness. Contact Marc at if you need any advice or support.

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