The Social Impact Academy is Here!

The Social Impact Academy is Here!

Does your organization create the meaningful change that you intended? What do your constituents have to say about your projects? Are you comfortable telling your organization’s social impact story? And how do you get the support and resources you need to grow your impact and reach even more communities?

This is where the Social Impact Academy comes in! Back by popular demand, this 6-week course will bring together social impact experts and professionals from nonprofits around the world to offer a small cohort of GlobalGiving partners interactive and practical training and support.

The Academy will help you explore different theories of impact measurement and learn about practical tools and resources to design programs for social change, measure impact, engage your community, tell your organization’s impact story, and more!  See below for a complete agenda.

Apply online by Tuesday, May 15th for one of only 45 available spaces—and don’t hesitate to email us at with questions.

What is the Social Impact Academy?

  • A six-week online course running from May 22nd – June 26th, 2018
  • Comprised of six webinar sessions
  • Occurs every Tuesday, in May and June at 3pm BST (find this time in your city); and
  • A small cohort of organizations that will be selected via an online application to participate.

Selected participants are required to:

  • Pay a $50 bond (returned upon full course completion, see the end of the blog for more details);
  • Participate in at least five of the six webinar sessions by joining live or watching the recordings;
  • Complete three homework assignments for the course; and
  • Complete the final impact project.

Participants who complete the Academy will receive:

  • A certificate of completion;
  • 32 GG Rewards Engagement points;
  • Your $50 Academy bond reimbursement; and
  • New knowledge, tools, resources, and connections to extend your organization’s social impact!

Academy Schedule

What’s Your Social Impact? The Why, What, and How of Social Impact

Tuesday, May 22nd

What does social impact mean? Why is it crucial to understand your organization’s social impact? How can you use impact measurement tools to amplify your effectiveness while optimizing efficiency? And what does it take for an organization to remain focused on social impact? Join us for an introductory session to tackle these questions and more.

How to develop a culture of learning

Tuesday, May 29th

We all fail—it’s how we acknowledge and learn from failure that sets us apart. Nonprofits can’t afford to make the same mistakes again and again; our missions are too important. In this important discussion, we’ll unpack the importance of having a culture of learning in your nonprofit and how we can develop a culture of continual development for a robust nonprofit community.

Plan for Success: Impact Measurement Methods and Tools

Tuesday, June 5th

With hundreds of tools, approaches, and platforms for measuring impact out there, the process can seem overwhelming and time-consuming; let’s simplify things! This session will provide a basic overview of impact measurement designed to help you identify the assessment methods and tools that are right for your organization.

Involving Community Feedback in your Monitoring and Evaluation

Tuesday, June 12th

How do we know that our programs are meeting the needs of the communities we seek to serve? While working with communities to design and implement programs is often the desired goal, listening and responding to feedback tends to fall to the wayside. Feedback is often perceived as time-consuming to collect, difficult to use, and threatening to receive. Join us to discuss how nonprofits can build systems of trust and accountability with constituents in mind, despite limited time and resources.

Telling Your Impact Story

Tuesday, June 19th

Have you mastered the art of storytelling about your organization’s social impact to gain greater support? Learn how to communicate your organization’s impact story in a way that will spark social change.

How to Grow Your Impact

Tuesday, June 26th

In the last session of the Social Impact Academy, we will talk about when it makes sense to grow your organization’s social impact and what tools you need to do it. Join us to hear best practices in securing funding for growth from impact-focused funders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to attend?

We charge a $50 bond to participate in the Academy.

What is a bond? You pay $50 as part of the application process, and will receive the entire $50 back after the Academy if you participate in at least five sessions, complete all three homework assignments, and complete the final impact project!

What if I don’t meet the Academy requirements? GlobalGiving will retain the $50 and apply the amount towards our matching fund, which is used to fund GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days and other fundraising promotions.

Why is GlobalGiving charging a bond? We know that you’re considering the Social Impact Academy because you want to invest in this area of your organization’s development, but we would like to give you a little extra incentive to stick with us and achieve that goal.

How do I pay the bond? The bond can be paid here. You must submit payment for the bond by Tuesday, May 15th in order to participate in the Social Impact Academy.

When do we get the bond back? Once you succeed in completing the final impact project, your $50 bond will be returned.


Rumbie Mzenda

about 3 years ago

Hi, looks like we are late for this Academy. When is the next one? Had to seek permission from our Board of Trustees and other red tape involved. Happy to say we have been given a go ahead! Kindly advise.

Emily James

about 3 years ago

Hi Rumbie! The next academy will be the Online Fundraising Academy in the fall! Make sure to follow this space to see more information as that gets closer!

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