Announcing the 2017 Fail Forward Winners!

Announcing the 2017 Fail Forward Winners!

In this year’s Fail Forward contest, we acknowledged that we all are constantly learning. Failure is one of the key components to organizational growth. This year, project leaders did not just share their stories of failure, but they shared how their organizations grew greater from the experience. Organizations transformed their challenges into successes by listening, acting, learning, and repeating!

Thank you to all the participants this year. We were overwhelmed by your wisdom, growth, and adaptability. Three organizations shared their story of learning through failure particularly well. The 2017 Fail Forward winners are:

First Place: Women Inspiration Development Center

“It is only natural that as an organization we have embarked on actions that failed, but eventually our learning from those failures have helped us to arrive at where we are today.”

Second Place: Creamos

“We were listening, but only to individuals. We were not seeking feedback in how these isolated decisions were affecting our organization as a whole.”

Third Place: Yspaniola Incorporated

“It was a tough lesson to learn, but by being open to change, listening to our local colleagues, and acting to correct our mistakes, we now have a sustainable model in place, and could not be prouder of our local team”

Congrats to winners and all this year’s participants! Thank you for failing forward with us.


Long Way Home
Water for South Sudan
Afrika Tikkun
My Name is Kumar Foundation
Women Inspiration Development Center

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