Announcing New Changes to the GlobalGiving Platform!

Announcing New Changes to the GlobalGiving Platform!

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is to Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. This means continuously listening to the feedback you, our nonprofit partners, provide us and constantly trying new ways to provide a better experience for all our nonprofit partners on GlobalGiving. Therefore, we’re excited to announce that starting Thursday, October 12th, we will be launching new and improved search and browse features on our site!

Updating search and browse

GlobalGiving will be updating our entire search and browse system on the Give page in order to make it more reliable and intuitive for all users! To clarify, “searching” is when a user puts in keywords into the search bar and GlobalGiving results ordered by relevance to the search terms. ”Browsing” is when a user navigates the site without keywords. Instead they might look for for projects by theme and country; the results that come up are ordered by the ranking algorithm. Our team has gone through a very thorough process performing the necessary research, design, and testing to make sure this new interface is powerful, fast, and enjoyable!

In addition to changes in our search system, we are also updating the ranking algorithm! To remind everyone, the project rank is listed on your GlobalGiving dashboard, alongside your project information in the far right box.

This rank decides which order projects will appear in the search results. Projects with a higher ranking will appear above those with a lower ranking. In the past, this ranking was decided by an algorithm that was overly complicated and had several components duplicated in multiple sections of the calculations.

How will the ranking algorithm change?

In the past, your project was ranked based on a number of factors: your organization’s responsiveness to donors (through project reports and thank-you notes), the number of donors to a project, total dollars raised, and closeness to funding goal.

GlobalGiving spent years creating the GG Rewards system, and we believe it represents a simple yet powerful metric of an organization’s commitment to effectiveness and engagement in the community! Your GG Rewards score will now be the primary factor in determining your project’s browse ranking. This means organizations with a higher total GG Rewards score will have a higher ranking. Additionally, we will continue to provide a small boost in the ranking algorithm for microprojects.

How can you improve your project rank?

The best way to increase your project rank and become more visible on the GlobalGiving platform is to increase your GG Rewards score! Within the GG Rewards system, your organization will receive points for both your Effectiveness (commitment to learning) and Engagement (participation in the GlobalGiving community). These points will translate into your GG Rewards Status (Partner, Leader, or Superstar), so keep doing the things you’ve always been doing—submit your project reports on time, thank your donors, and stay engaged with GlobalGiving! To increase your points, take a look at your GG Rewards Dashboard. Here, you can view the points you have already earned, start new cycles to earn new points, and find more ways to earn points! In the “Earn More Points” section of your GG Rewards Dashboard, GlobalGiving will provide suggestions of different activities to do to gain more points. You can read more about the most frequently asked questions of GG Rewards as well!

Introducing recognition badges

We want to make sure you get recognition for your achievements on GlobalGiving. That’s why we’re introducing six new public badges on the Give page where donors can search or browse to find a project. You may have already noticed some of these badges on your project page:

  • Vetted – every Partner, Leader, and Superstar organization gets this badge because these nonprofit shave been vetted as part of our rigorous due diligence process.
  • Top Ranked  – this is the badge awarded to Superstars. We explain to donors that these organizations have demonstrated a high level of engagement with the GlobalGiving community and a commitment to effectiveness through GG Rewards.
  • Site Visit Verified – this means one of GlobalGiving’s field travelers, staff members, or ambassadors has visited each the organization and verified the work they’re doing.
  • Effective Nonprofit – this means an organization has earned at least 12 effectiveness points in GG Rewards. We want to drive more attention and funding to organizations that Listen. Act. Learn. Repeat.
  • Staff Favorite – GlobalGiving staff’s favorite causes and organizations.
  • Project of the Month – this badge goes to organizations that have had a project chosen to receive funding from GlobalGiving’ Project of the Month Club.

What does this mean for the donor experience?

We not only want this to be an improved user experience for our nonprofit partners, but also for donors visiting our site! Our goals for the new and improved search and browse features were twofold: 1) donors looking for a specific project will be able to find it immediately,  and 2) users who don’t know what project they want to support can find one they love by using helpful and intuitive filters.

We hope those improvements will make your experience on the GlobalGiving platform a better one! Please let us know if you have any feedback as we are always trying to find better ways to support our amazing nonprofit partners!

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