Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey – Part Two

Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey – Part Two

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is to Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat, which means we want to hear feedback from you, our amazing nonprofit partners. Surveying is one such way that we listen so that we can act in accordance with the needs, challenges, and priorities that resonate most.

From May 15th to 26th, we released the 2017 GlobalGiving Nonprofit Partner Annual Survey, a long-form version of our quarterly survey, in which we asked you to answer key questions and topics related to the GlobalGiving experience. We have already covered part one of the survey results and now we’d like to present the final analysis!

The Results, Part Two

As you know, GlobalGiving is not just a fundraising platform; we also want to be your hub for learning! We believe one thing is true across all sectors: the most effective organizations are those with a learning culture. Therefore, we wanted to get a better sense of what your expectations were around learning on GlobalGiving and whether those expectations were met.

We asked, “How much knowledge did you EXPECT to gain about social impact through GlobalGiving’s tools and services last year (2016)?” From the responses, 31% of respondents did not expect to learn anything about social impact, 40% expected to learn a little, 23% expected to become well-versed in social impact and 3% expected to become an expert! It is great to see that a majority of our partners expected to learn something about social impact by joining our community!

We then asked if these expectations were met.  From the responses of this question, an average of 54% said they learned as much as they had expected about social impact, while respondents claiming to have learned more than they expected was an average of 20%. It is wonderful to hear that our partners are using their GlobalGiving partnership for more than just fundraising!

Another area we wanted your feedback on was around Net Promoter Scores (NPS). We introduced these into project reports last year and we have received a lot of great feedback on it as it is a great way to get a sense of what your donors think about the work you do! We asked if you preferred NPS feedback from donors or project report feedback from GlobalGiving, and 31% of you responded you value both, but preferred NPS feedback over report feedback. 24% of respondents felt that the inverse was true, that report feedback was valued over NPS. It’s great to hear that both avenues of receiving feedback is appreciated and we will continue to provide these two options to our partners in the future!

GlobalGiving is also tracking our own NPS! We asked, “Considering your experience with GlobalGiving, how likely would you recommend GlobalGiving to a friend, colleague or other nonprofit organization?” Our NPS score from this survey was 55. To compare, our NPS score from the November 2016 survey  was 42 and our score from the February 2017 survey was 51. So it is great to see our score is increasing over time!  

Finally, we asked, “Which of the following improvements to the GlobalGiving website is the highest priority for your organization?” The top choice was improving integration between fundraiser pages and project pages with a 31% response rate. A close second was providing ability to respond to donors who provide feedback at 30% of responses. The third choice was enhancing user experience and data availability for the GlobalGiving website analytics tool at 15% of responses. This feedback is incredibly important to us as we prioritize projects and improvements in the future!

We want to sincerely thank everyone who responded to this survey and provided invaluable feedback. GlobalGiving’s purpose is to ultimately serve you, our nonprofit partners, better in the programs that we run, the technology that we develop, and the services that we provide! We will be holding another quarterly survey in the next month, so be sure to let us know what we can do to best support your work.

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