An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Investigation Process

An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Investigation Process

At GlobalGiving, we work hard to be able to say that we have complete confidence in the amazing work our partners are doing in their communities. GlobalGiving has a few monitoring processes in place to ensure that our community of partners is doing great work around the world.

To start, every partner on our site has undergone a due diligence review before fundraising on GlobalGiving. All nonprofits are also required to renew their due diligence every two years in order to stay active on our site.

Other than the due diligence process, what are other ways that GlobalGiving ensures that only legitimate and trustworthy organizations participate in our community?

Site visits are one of the ways we monitor the GlobalGiving community: we visit our partners in the locations where they work every other year. Site visits are a great way to build relationships between the GlobalGiving and your team because it is also an opportunity to better understand ways that GlobalGiving can support your organization!

Another way we monitor the community is by providing a way for anyone to formally express concerns they have about a GlobalGiving project. When someone has concerns about a GlobalGiving project or organization, they are directed to file a concern with GlobalGiving . Submitted forms are internal documents, visible only to the GlobalGiving investigation team. Information in these forms are confidential within GlobalGiving and are not shared with donors, supporters, or other organizations unless we have permission from both the person who filed the concern and the organization named in the form

When a form is submitted, GlobalGiving’s first step is to decide if the concerns in the form require follow-up; if so, we contact the organization to start a conversation about the concerns in the form. This conversation does not mean that the organization is under formal GlobalGiving investigation. It also does not mean we believe the organization is guilty of the issues described in the form. Instead, this conversation is simply a way for GlobalGiving to be transparent with the organization: to tell them that we have received concerns about their work and to give the organization a chance to respond with their side of the story.

This process is a new one at GlobalGiving. It ensures our confidence in the integrity of our community and allows us to tell donors that our partners are the best in the sector and are doing amazing work in their communities.

As with all processes at GlobalGiving, we welcome your feedback,so please reach out if you have any questions about the investigation process. We are always happy to help!

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