Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

Listening to You: Results from the Nonprofit Partner Survey

You’re probably used to it by now – every quarter, we at GlobalGiving send out a survey to get your feedback. We do this because we want to hear what you have to say, the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that we can ultimately serve you, our nonprofit partners, better in the programs that we run, the technology that we develop, and the services that we provide!

As you know, one of our core values at GlobalGiving is Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. Surveying is one such way that we listen to you so that we can act in accordance with the needs, challenges, and priorities that resonate most. We are excited to share this overview of the top-line results, in addition to how we plan to act based on the feedback that we’ve received.

From May 15th to 26th, we released the 2017 GlobalGiving Nonprofit Partner Annual Survey, a long-form version of our quarterly survey, in which we asked you to answer key questions and topics related to the GlobalGiving experience. During the 12-day period during which the survey was open, 626 nonprofit partners responded. Of these, 55% were Superstars, 32% were Leaders, and 11.5% were Partners. (The remainder were organizations which are new to the platform.)

So what did we ask, and what were the results? Read on for part one of our summary!

The Results, Part One
We like to keep it real, and that means digging into what are sometimes uncomfortable truths by asking questions like, “What is your biggest concern about using GlobalGiving?” Fortunately, the responses we received were very much in line with areas that we are focused on improving based on previous feedback from partners like you.

Among the top concerns cited were visibility (7.6%), fundraising (8%), and the fee (19%). Using this feedback, paired with qualitative responses elsewhere in the survey, we are continuing to craft new tools and opportunities to increase visibility and fundraising support. For example, in the recent GG Rewards Bonus Day, in addition to offering non-financial prizes in the form of social media coverage and homepage time for organizations raising more than $5,000 and $10,000 respectively, organizations had the chance to compete for a feature in a GlobalGiving donor newsletter – a prize worth an average of $5,000, new donors, and visibility!

We also know that the fee is an area of concern, and as those who completed prior surveys may recall, we have been asking questions related to the fee over the course of the last several quarterly surveys. Each of these questions is tied to a larger GlobalGiving effort to explore different ways to offer organizations like yours the same quality products and services through an altered fee structure. Stay tuned this fall for more information on our work, both related to the fee and to the tools that we’re developing to help you communicate about your use of GlobalGiving to donors, colleagues, and board members.

We also asked the question, “What is one thing that GlobalGiving should never stop doing?” to identify where partners find the most value in their relationship with us. Support – comprised of customer service, training, site visits, GG Rewards, the Accelerator, and vetting – was cited by the most respondents (34%), followed by fundraising (25%) (including matching, campaigns, corporate partners, gift cards, and grants).Both topics are areas that we are continuing to focus and build upon – and as we develop and implement new services and programs, we look forward to your continued feedback. A few highlights include the following opportunities ahead:

  • Create your own cause-awareness campaign: We are hard at work developing a guide and toolkit so that your organization can take advantage of key days that relate to your organization’s work by running your own fundraising campaign with graphics, templates, and more that we’ll send you in advance.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring session: Last month, we launched a new opportunity for you to gain support directly from your peers on topics including marketing your organization on a budget, and building relationships with partner communities.
  • Social Impact Academy: This August, apply for the Social Impact Academy – a chance for you to explore different theories of impact measurement and learn about practical tools and resources to design programs for social change, measure impact, engage your community, and tell your organization’s impact story.

While matching campaigns weren’t one of the top three topics cited in what GlobalGiving should never stop doing, we know that they are important to you! With that in mind, we asked a series of questions related to campaigns in the annual survey. Year after year, we iterate on the structures of the campaigns that we run – all based on the feedback that we receive – and the 2016-2017 campaign calendar was no different. Among the new campaigns that we ran included the #GivingTuesday #MatchAMillion Campaign (November 2016, made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Time-Release Bonus Day (September 2016), and Little-by-Little Campaign (April 2017). In addition to these, we maintained our tried and true campaigns like the Year-End Campaign (November to December 2016), GG Rewards Bonus Day (June 2016), and Pro-Rated Bonus Day (March 2016).

The three campaigns with the greatest levels of participation were #GivingTuesday (42%), the Year-End Campaign (39%), and the GG Rewards Bonus Day (34%) and almost 29% of organization respondents cited not having participated in a single campaign. Respondents cited greatest satisfaction with the Year-End Campaign (26%) followed by #GivingTuesday (23%), and 20% of respondents shared that they were equally satisfied with all campaigns in which they participated.

One area in which we have routinely received feedback is with regard to campaign leaderboards. With that in mind, we asked respondents how useful they find the leaderboards. Fifty-seven percent of respondents shared that they find the leaderboards to be useful or extremely useful while just 15% of respondents noted either not using the leaderboards or not finding them useful at all.

Of leaderboard users, many cited doing so to motivate board members and track both matching funds earned and proximity to bonus prizes. Others, however, shared challenges related to searching for their organization and projects on the leaderboard and using the leaderboard to motivate donors. With this in mind, GlobalGiving will be piloting a landing page that is focused on engaging donors during the upcoming International Youth Week Campaign (August) and providing more visibility for participating projects. We will look forward to learning from this new product and getting feedback from participants to inform the development of future campaign tools!

Stay tuned for part two of the Nonprofit Partner Survey recap next month! 

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