GlobalGiving & Impact Guru Partnership!

GlobalGiving & Impact Guru Partnership!

The last two years have been an immense learning experience for GlobalGiving in India. In 2015, we decided to venture out into this vast country and truly live one of our core values: Listen, Act, Learn, Repeat.

Listen: What did we hear from our partners?

In 2016 for the very first time we recruited, trained and sent out 8 Indian Field travelers to 20 states across the country to visit around 100 of our 220+ Indian nonprofit partners. Through this team we did an in depth needs assessment among our Indian partners to identify how GlobalGiving could help them better. Amongst the many needs and ideas shared by our partners one stood out. 72% of the organisations that participated in the assessment stated that giving their donors a single and central platform for making donations from various countries and being able to provide their local supporters with Indian tax deductions could support them in improving their ability to crowdfund.

Act: What did we do?

GlobalGiving believes in the power of local solutions. Just as local nonprofits are best positioned to solve local problems, local intermediaries are best positioned to provide local solutions within their own communities.This is why we partnered with India based crowdfunding platform, Impact Guru to run a pilot campaign during Daan Utsav 2016 as a response to this need among our partners. We incentivized 20 of GlobalGiving’s Indian Superstar partner organisations to engage their local networks through a 7 day fundraising challenge on the This campaign helped us gauge the intensity of the need among our partners to harness local giving.

Learn: What did we learn?

The Daan Utsav campaign was one of the highest performing campaigns for our Indian partners. Seventeen of the twenty eligible organisation’s raised nearly $18,000( Rs. 11,65,000) from 382 donors. 85% of the donors for this campaign were locally mobilised confirming that there is a market for hyper-local crowdfunding in India when expanded currency options are available. For more details on this campaign read our Learn Section piece here.

Repeat: What are we doing next?

The success of the pilot has led us to a longer term strategic partnership with Impact Guru to provide a central platform for giving to local nonprofits, along with the tools to enable local giving among our Indian partners. Starting this month powered by GlobalGiving’s technology, Indian nonprofits can direct donors from the USA, UK and India to the Impact Guru platform to avail country specific tax benefits. While these donations won’t be eligible for GlobalGiving promotions, we’re excited to see if having an easy place to give for multiple networks would drive more donations for our partners.

Closing the Feedback loop

In order to close the loop on the feedback we’ve received , we are bringing it back to you, our partners in India. GlobalGiving partners in India automatically become eligible to access this additional tool on the Impact Guru website and direct their Indian donors to a project page on . To post a project on Impact Guru and provide Indian tax benefits to your donors, simply write to We encourage you to take advantage of this new tool to run your own internal campaigns and fundraisers where you can direct your supporters from the US, UK and India to one single platform.

It is a continuous learning experience

We won’t be stopping at this! This partnership with Impact Guru is only phase 2 of GlobalGiving’s response to your feedback. We are working on making more locally suitable campaigns and trainings available to you through the course of this year – stay tuned! GlobalGiving as a part of its effort to be a “Truly Global” organisation is constantly working to make our programs more local and suitable to the needs of our nonprofit partners around the world.

If you are one of our Indian nonprofit partners and would like to learn more click here.

Written by Kavita Mathew – GlobalGiving’s India Partnerships Consultant. Kavita helps GlobalGiving increase its reach and impact in India, drawing from her experience of working with multiple nonprofits in the country. 

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