Check Out Our Brand New Nonprofit Partner Handbook

Check Out Our Brand New Nonprofit Partner Handbook

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the brand new Nonprofit Partner Handbook! Have you taken a peek inside yet? We have worked really hard to make sure that every question you may have about using the GlobalGiving platform is answered by this page!

So what can you find in this comprehensive handbook? We have broken up the information into six easy pages to get the most out of your GlobalGiving partnership!

  • Your Journey: Are you aware of all the amazing resources and opportunities available to you as a GlobalGiving partner? Make sure to take a look at this page to learn more about all the benefits available to you!
  • Navigating Project Entry: Have you ever wondered how many people are visiting your project page? Are you looking for tips on how to write more compelling reports to your donors? Find out everything you wanted to know about navigating through your GlobalGiving dashboard on this page!
  • Start Fundraising: This is the perfect place to find great fundraising resources to make sure your GlobalGiving project is a success! From ways to increase your search ranking to learning more about our corporate partnerships, use this page to discover new ways to take your fundraising to the next level.
  • Get Involved: GlobalGiving has tons of different ways for you to get more involved with our community! Join one of our academies to network with your nonprofit peers and learn more in the areas of social impact and fundraising. Or participate in one of our many campaigns or contests throughout the year to give your donors new and exciting ways to maximize their donation’s impact.
  • Stay Informed: From joining the Project Leader Facebook group to reading our monthly newsletters, there are many ways to make sure you are staying up to date with all the important opportunities happening at GlobalGiving!

So what do you think? Does this handbook answers your pressing GlobalGiving questions? Is there something new you are going to try after reading through this resource? We’d love to hear the ways you find this book helpful! Reach out to us with comments at

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