Introducing Project Appeals

Introducing Project Appeals

It may seem obvious that an individual who has donated to your organization before is more likely to contribute again. What you may not have realized is that one-third of online donations are made in direct response to email appeals! With this in mind – and based on the valuable feedback of nonprofit partners like you – we’ve developed a tool to make it even easier for you to ask your GlobalGiving donors to contribute to your projects.

GlobalGiving is thrilled to introduce project appeals, a fundraising email that you can send to all donors who have ever contributed to your organization through GlobalGiving!

You have no doubt heard us speak about the best practices associated with writing fundraising appeals, so you know that we emphasize five components:

  • A high-resolution, close-up, and empowering photo at the top;
  • Personalization to each donor;
  • Brevity in text;
  • One clear call-to-action; and
  • A mobile-friendly format.

We captured all of these key lessons (and more!) into our new project appeal template to help you activate your base of donors, particularly in the lead up to a campaign, to maximize your fundraising success.

Starting today, every Partner, Leader, or Superstar organization on GlobalGiving will have access to the project appeal feature. Each organization may send a total of two project appeals per rolling year, and any two project appeals must be sent at least 60 days apart.

With the Little by Little Matching Campaign just days away, now is a great time to send that first appeal! How do you get started?

  1. Once you’re logged into GlobalGiving, click your name on the top right-hand corner and choose “Project Entry (PE)” from the drop-down menu.
  2. From your Project Entry dashboard, click on the “Communications” link on the top orange navigation bar.
  3. Here, you’ll see your Project Appeal manager where you can edit, preview, and delete unsent appeals, review appeals that have been sent, or create a new appeal.
  4. Click “Create Project Appeal,” and you’ll be directed to a page that allows you to enter the Subject for your project appeal email and select the project for which you would like to raise funds.
  5. Navigate to the next page and begin building out the core of your appeal:
    1. Upload a photo to appear as your image header by clicking “Upload File.” Photos should be high-resolution and incorporate one focal point, preferably making eye contact with the reader.
    2. Create your greeting (e.g. Dear, Hi, Hello) and automatically personalize each email to your donors by clicking the “Donor” dropdown link. We recommend selecting First Name, but select the option that makes you feel most comfortable!
    3. Draft the text for the body of your email. Appeal to your donors’ emotions in an authentic, concise manner, sharing your project as the solution to a problem.
    4. Craft a short (7 words or less) call-to-action (e.g. Donate, 50% Match on Your Donation, Give Today, etc.) directing your donors to contribute. Further appeal to your donors by creating a sense of urgency. (This call-to-action will appear as a large orange button underneath the body of your email and will automatically link to the project for which you are fundraising.)
    5. Write your signature or, if you prefer to conclude the body of your email, do so in the Signature section. Make sure to end your appeal with a sign off (e.g. Warmly, Best, etc.) and your name. And as with your salutation, you can automatically insert your first, last, or full name by clicking the “Your” dropdown button.
    6. Select a date to send the appeal. The GlobalGiving team will review your appeal within one to three business days, so we encourage you to schedule your appeal to go out at a distance of at least three business days away.
  6. After you have finished the drafting process, click “Save as Draft” if you wish to continue making updates or “Submit for Approval” if you are prepared for the email to be sent. (Remember: Once the appeal has been approved by staff, there is no longer a way to make edits, so be sure to thoroughly review your appeal before submitting.) You will receive an email after your appeal has been reviewed, either confirming appeal approval or responding with feedback if the appeal was rejected.

Now what are you waiting for? Time to start writing your first project appeal! And as always, if you have additional comments and/or feedback, email us at — we are happy to help.

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