Introducing the GlobalGiving Girl Fund

Introducing the GlobalGiving Girl Fund

GlobalGiving believes that every girl deserves a chance to realize her full potential, and we know you do too! That’s why we started the GlobalGiving Girl Fund — so we could provide ongoing support to projects that are dedicated to helping women and girls around the world thrive.

The GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign is an opportunity for projects focused on women and girls to participate in a two-week fundraising campaign, earn GG Rewards points, and compete for a spot in the 2017 GlobalGiving Girl Fund. Six projects will earn a spot in the fund along with an exclusive banner on their project page and guaranteed funding. Historically, GlobalGiving fund recipients have received up to $1,500 per month.

Every GlobalGiving partner with a project supporting women and/or girls has a chance to compete for one of these six spots! So how do you get started? Fill out this short form by February 24 to join us for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign! Then, mobilize your donor network and demonstrate your work through an effectiveness cycle to earn a spot in the fund!

#1: Activate the power of your crowd! Sign up for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign running from March 1 through March 15! On International Women’s Day, Wednesday, March 8, 2017, participate in the campaign’s bonus day during which donations will be matched at 30% until funds run out. The four projects with the most number of unique donors will earn a spot in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund!

Sign up by February 24, 2017 in order to be included in the campaign. Additionally, projects must be classified under the “Women and Girls” theme to participate. Check out the Terms + Conditions of the Campaign and Bonus Day for more information.

#2: Demonstrate your work! The final two projects in the GlobalGiving Fund will be selected by a panel of GlobalGiving staff and your nonprofit peers! In order to earn this spot, submit a GG Rewards Create-Your-Own Effectiveness Cycle by March 15, 2017 at 11:59:59 pm EST (the last day of the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign) demonstrating how you have listened, acted, and learned from your community to improve your project’s work. All full submissions will earn 12 GG Rewards points!

To start your cycle, go to your GG Rewards Effectiveness Dashboard. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to select Create-Your-Own in GG Rewards. Review of the effectiveness cycles will run from March 15 until March 29. The two winners of the effectiveness cycle portion of the campaign will be announced March 31. (Note: Your “Women and Girls” project must sign up for the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign in order for your Create-Your-Own effectiveness cycles to be considered.)

Effectiveness cycle submissions must:
1. Be about your project in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund campaign.
2. Focus on how you incorporated community feedback to improve the quality of your project’s work.
3. Identify a specific need, challenge, or obstacle in your community needing to be addressed.
4. Explain how feedback from participants and/or the local community was used to find a solution to the need, challenge, or obstacle.

Please review the full terms and conditions here:
GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign
GlobalGiving Girl Fund Bonus Day

You can also listen to the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Webinar recording here! We are excited to open up this opportunity to support your work on behalf of women and girls around the world! If you have any questions, please our team at

Written by Sarah Taylor, Program Fellow, and Jacqueline Lee, Senior Program Associate

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