One GlobalGiving Website is almost here!

One GlobalGiving Website is almost here!

We’re sure you’ve heard, but just to remind you, beginning January 10th, 2017, we will be launching ONE website, simplifying the GlobalGiving experience for donors and nonprofits alike!

We listened to your feedback that it’s confusing to have different campaigns on two separate platforms ( and, customer service run by two separate teams, and two different project pages for your donors to give (in USD or GBP). We are making a change that will benefit all organizations that are part of the entire GlobalGiving community!  

So what does this mean for you?

  • New Website:  Beginning January 10th, will replace, with people wishing to donate in GBP able to do so from Your projects will automatically appear on (and existing links will redirect to your new project pages). Donors to your projects will be able to give tax deductible USD or GBP donations (with Gift Aid if eligible) from one webpage.
  • Streamlined Campaigns: All our campaigns will now be offered to all organisations through one platform, Your donors will be able to give in USD or GBP during a campaign allowing you to reach out to your wider global network with one campaign message and link! No more cross-posting confusion or needing to decide which campaign to join; our global team will offer well-planned, coordinated campaigns to help you raise more funds from your global network of supporters.
  • Increased Tax Benefits: Your global donors will now be able to take advantage of additional tax benefits. US donors will be able to receive a tax deduction for their donations and UK taxpayer donors will to be able to claim Gift Aid, which means 25% extra from the UK government for your project. 
  • Expanded Customer Service: Our global team is here to help you wherever you or your donors are based. We are combining our UK and US staff’s expertise to provide you with an expanded customer service team with longer open hours! Please continue to drop in or call to ask advice. We want to help you raise as much as possible for your important work!

We are really happy to be providing this enhanced GlobalGiving website and service for all our nonprofit partners—whether you are based in the UK, the US, Kenya, Brazil, India or anywhere else in the world! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! We are here to help!




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