Year-End Giving and Corporate Partners!

Year-end giving is in the air!  It’s also that time of year that our corporate partners join in the holiday spirit by giving GlobalGiving charitable gift cards to their employees, customers, and networks.

Your projects are eligible to receive corporate gift cards! Last year, GlobalGiving’s corporate partners purchased about $1,300,000 in gift cards during the holiday season alone. They use gift cards to motivate or reward employees and thank their clients. More than 1,300 nonprofit organizations received at least one of these gift cards. This season we expect even more corporate partner gift cards – meaning more than enough to go around supporting great, global programs, like yours!

“How do I benefit from these gift cards?”

First: Make it easy for the donor to redeem a gift card.

Traditionally, gift cards are in the amounts of $25, or increments of $25, so make sure you have a $25 donation option. The easier you make it for a donor to click and donate, the more likely the donor will complete a transaction to your project.

Second: Capture the donor’s attention.

A gift card redeemer can make a decision in 10 seconds whether or not to donate to your project. What helps? An engaging, high-resolution photo. If a donor looks at a sample of projects, a clear photo that shows the subject up close will draw their attention. Do not include a logo, clipart, or photo that is not clear and engaging.

Third, and finally: Have a clear and concise call-to-action as your project title.

In one sentence, what type of impact will a donation have? What makes your project stand out from other projects?  Again, a gift card donor will take a moment to decide whether or not to contribute their “pre-paid donation.”

How do you make these changes to your projects? Go to your dashboard and edit your project. Update your donations options and submit for approval. Once your project edits are live, track year-end donations via your donation manager. The traffic source will be “gift card.”

Make these changes to increase your chances in receiving gift card donations from GlobalGiving’s awesome corporate partners. Thank you for being a part of the GlobalGiving community this holiday season.

Happy fundraising!

By Jacqueline Lee, who is responsible for supporting the nonprofits on GlobalGiving that are included in corporate partner campaigns. Contact her at with any questions! 

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