Congrats to our Fail Forward Winners!

Congrats to our Fail Forward Winners!

October was a month of celebrating failure with our third annual Fail Forward Contest! Throughout the month we witnessed the power of reframing failure as an opportunity to make positive change, and we reflected on the benefits of sharing setbacks with donors, internal teams, and local communities. Most importantly, we had the honor of hearing how all of the 2016 Fail Forward Contest participants proudly failed forward. You blew us away!

We were so inspired by all your fail forward stories and by the resilience, perseverance, and teamwork in your organizations.  This year we had a record number of submissions, and we are excited to introduce you to the 2016 winners and finalists! And the winners of $1000, $600, and $400 are…

First place: Yspaniola Incorporated


“In a time where it seems that there are more forces trying to pull people apart instead of together, it is important for us as an organization to celebrate different cultures and promote the value of bilingualism.”

Second place: Creamos 


“Creamos was created with the most thoughtful intentions. However, we failed to invest in an essential component to breaking any human cycle – emotional well-being.”

Third place: Power of Love Foundation


“We had to take the decision to fail forward by cancelling the proposed workshops even though a significant amount of time and resources had been invested during Phase 1 of this project.”



Thank you for all your creativity, honesty, and participation in webinars! If you would like to share more about your experience through a future blog or as guest speaker in a GlobalGiving academy, please let us know by emailing!

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Alison Carlman

about 4 years ago

I read each of the finalists' stories, and I'm so inspired by your work and your humility. Social change is hard, and willingness to admit failure and to try again with a new approach is so refreshing. To everyone who submitted a story: thank you for your boldness and commitment to making the world a better place for everyone!

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