Time for Year-End Fundraising!

Time for Year-End Fundraising!

It’s that time of year again – time to plan for year-end fundraising! This is a critical period for your organization to increase its donations as more than one third of donations in the US happens in the last six weeks of the year! We are here to make sure you make the most of this important time for fundraising.

Why is Year-End Fundraising important?

More than $7.8 million was donated through GlobalGiving in just 31 days last year! Why? December is the final month for donors to make tax-deductible donations for the year, and many corporations use charitable gift cards as a holiday gift to their employees. GlobalGiving has the most visitors to our site in the last quarter of the year, so it is a perfect time to attract new donors to give to your project!

How will GlobalGiving help?

GlobalGiving has three major fundraising opportunities for you to make the most of your year-end fundraising:

1. #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday was started as an international day of giving to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving. In its fifth year, #GivingTuesday has grown in size every year and GlobalGiving is excited to use this day as the start of our Year-End Campaign on November 29th! Last year, more than 700,000 donors gave on #GivingTuesday with a total of $116.7 million dollars raised online! This day has huge potential to drive new donors to your project and GlobalGiving is here to help.

On #GivingTuesday, GlobalGiving will be the lowest cost giving option for your organization. How? A generous donor is covering the cost of all transaction processing on donations for the first half million dollars raised! Plus, GlobalGiving has $20,000 in bonus prizes to give out! The eight organizations that raise the most money that day will receive $7.5K, $5K, $3K, $2K, $1K, $750, $500, $250, respectively.  With the cost of processing covered plus $20,000 in bonus prizes, GlobalGiving will be the most cost-effective crowdfunding source for your organization!

2. Year-End Campaign

The Year-End Campaign will begin with #GivingTuesday on November 29th and run until December 31st. This campaign will track all your donations throughout the four-week period and provide $10,000 worth of Bonus Prizes! There will be three different categories for Bonus Prizes: 1) Most Unique Donors, 2) Most New Donors, and 3) Most Funds Raised. There will be 5 winners in each of these categories in the amounts of $1.5K, $750, $500, $350, and $225. That is 15 prizes totaling $10,000 in bonus prizes!

3. Recurring Match Campaign

GlobalGiving will also be holding a Recurring Match Campaign! Any new recurring donations made between #GivingTuesday and December 31st, will be matched at 100% on the fourth month. That means if a donor signs up for a recurring donation in December, you will receive a 100% match up to $200 per donor on that donation in your April disbursement.

How do I promote these opportunities to my Board, Staff and my Donors?

GlobalGiving is here to prepare you for all the Year-End giving and assist in ways to communicate these great opportunities to both your donors and your board!

To your donors:

Your donors will be most interested in how impactful their donations will be to your cause. Make sure to highlight our generous donor covering all processing fees for #GivingTuesday plus the $20,000 available in bonus prizes! They will also be impressed with the $10,000 available in bonus prizes for the Year-End Campaign. They can make even more of an impact putting in a new recurring donation for the Recurring Match Campaign!

If your donor were to set up a new recurring donation on #GivingTuesday, their donation would be free of transaction costs, contribute towards your goal of reaching one of the $20,000 in Bonus Prizes, and be matched at 100% on the fourth month as part of the Recurring Match Campaign. That is a LOT of impact from just ONE donation!

To your Board and Executive Team:

Your board and executive team will most likely be concerned about which platform will be the most cost-effective for your organization during #GivingTuesday. Since GlobalGiving has a generous donor that will be covering all transaction fees PLUS $20,000 in bonus prizes, GlobalGiving will be the best option for your organization to get the most funds on #GivingTuesday! Once you get a giant boost from that day, you can continue your fundraising efforts with our Recurring Match Campaign and $10,000 in Bonus Prizes for our Year-End Campaign!

We also are very excited to announce that we will be offering a very exclusive, special program available for all our GlobalGiving partners that will be announced right before #GivingTuesday! Your board will be extremely happy with this offer as it will boost your fundraising more than ever before! We cannot wait to share this with you, so make sure to follow this blog to hear more about this opportunity.  

Where do I start?

So how do you begin to plan for your Year-End Fundraising? First, come to GlobalGiving’s Year-End Fundraising Webinar on October 6th at 9am EDT  to learn more about how to make the most of all these amazing fundraising opportunities!

Next, make sure to subscribe to this blog and look out for our Partner Newsletter every month for the latest on GlobalGiving resources to help your raise the most funds during this giving season.

Questions? Email us, call (202.232.5784), or sign up for a One-on-One consultation with our staff! We are happy to help!

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