An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence Review

An Insight into GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence Review

Glenna, our former Partner Services Team Fellow, shares insights into the GlobalGiving vetting process and the importance of social impact! 

What is social impact?

Social impact analysis is an important part of the GlobalGiving vetting process. Organizations that demonstrate social impact actively implement programs that improve the lives of their constituents. The most effective programs are informed by feedback from the community and work to best serve their community’s needs. 

When GlobalGiving processes your application, we look to a variety of indicators to analyze your organization’s social impact. These indicators may be grouped into the following broad categories:

How your organization communicates about its work:

  • Program materials show us what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and who you’re helping. These materials can include annual reports, newsletters, or brochures, and are a great way to tell us about your organization’s activities and achievements. When program materials demonstrate your social impact, they clearly outline your organization’s mission and show us how your programs are contributing to your overall goals. They also show us how you listen to your constituents and improve your programs based on their feedback.
  • Financial documents help us understand your organization’s capacity to implement programs. These documents can demonstrate your social impact by showing us how you’ve scaled up your work over time. The sources of your funding are also important. When individuals donate to your organization, it shows us that your organization has public support. Grants and corporate funding indicate that your organization is reporting, remaining accountable, and delivering measurable results.
  • Having an updated website and active social media pages tells us that your organization is engaged with your community and committed to providing updated information about your work. These platforms indicate social impact when they are frequently updated with details about ongoing activities and contain photos and/or videos of your work in action. We also look to community feedback in the form of comments and ratings on your Facebook page.

How beneficiaries, partners, and community members communicate about your organization’s work:

  • Your letter of reference is valuable because it contains information about your work and confirms that you have built positive relationships in your community. This letter should come from someone who has seen or experienced your activities firsthand, such as constituents, funders, or partner organizations. These letters are most effective in demonstrating social impact when they contain information about partnerships, programs, and effects on constituents.
  • Online information about your organization is also an important indicator of social impact. When we look into your organization’s online presence, we’re looking for news articles, blog posts, or other forms of media that contain information about your organization and the work you’ve done. These can include interviews with constituents or staff members, information about events you’ve hosted, or reports about your activities. Because these sources come from third parties, they help us understand how your organization is perceived in your community. They also confirm your program implementation and positive impact.

How to demonstrate social impact when you reapply to GlobalGiving

  • Document, document, document. This can be done by taking good photos and videos which can be added to your website and social media. We also suggest keeping detailed records of data of your constituents so that you can show growth and progress in your programs over time. All of these forms of documentation of programs helps us verify the impact your organization is having in the community, and will strengthen your application when you reapply.
  • Look into other crowdfunding websites. In addition to fundraising, it will allow you to increase your visibility and engage more people in your work. If you are new to crowdfunding, you can check out our free guide to help you get started:

For any questions about GlobalGiving’s due diligence process, please email!

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