Apply for Finding and Managing Grants Support

Apply for Finding and Managing Grants Support

As you may know, GlobalGiving works to help organizations access more than just money. Our mission is also to connect you with valuable information and ideas that can help you become a more effective organization and transform your work in the field. For 2016, we have three opportunities to receive one-on-one, in-person support from members of the GlobalGiving team.

Today we are excited to announce the details of one of these professional support opportunities! Apply now to receive proposal and grant support from Linda Oatley, GlobalGiving’s Director of Partner Services. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, August 17th.


About the Opportunity

Does your organization struggle with finding the right grant opportunities and writing effective proposals?  For many organizations, the process for obtaining a grant can be complicated and difficult to navigate.  In this opportunity, Linda will help your organization diversify its fundraising strategy beyond online fundraising to include more traditional forms of grant making. You will learn how to identify funding opportunities, cultivate deeper relationships with donors, enhance the quality of your proposals, manage your grant responsibly and report on outcomes.

This unique opportunity will support one organization address challenges they face in successfully obtaining grants and focus on common tools and techniques to overcome these challenges. In addition to several hours of remote preparation, Linda will spend 3-4 days in-person with the organization to offer training tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


The Process

Linda will:

  • Ask in-depth questions to understand your organization’s previous grant experience and financial needs
  • Review key components of the proposal process (What is an LOI? What is a log-frame? What constitutes overhead?)
  • Recommend ways to better communicate the needs of your organization in proposal format
  • Identify the landscape of potential funders in the field and who they are supporting
  • Talk through fundraising goals and help you develop (or improve) your fundraising strategy
  • Discuss ways to develop relationships with funders (who are your “champions”?)
  • Communicate best practices for managing a grant and reporting on outcomes

Potential Deliverable Ideas:

  • Proposal review and evaluation
  • Map of organization strengths and weaknesses
  • Grant report review and evaluation
  • Consultation on common funder/grantee issues
  • 3-6 month activity plan

The purpose of this opportunity is to provide your organization with the framework, insights and knowledge you need to excel in developing successful grant proposals and grant management practice. Linda is available to offer training, support, and advice during the visit, but there will be a signed agreement detailing the actual time commitment and deliverables. Similarly, this exciting opportunity is not directly tied to additional GG fundraising resources or corporate partnership opportunities; Linda will not connect you with specific funders as a result of this opportunity.


Linda Oatley

Meet Linda

Linda has more than 15 years of experience in grants management. For 8 years she wrote successful proposals and managed large and small grants from funders such as the European Commission, US Department of State, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme.  At GlobalGiving she has been on the donor side of grants management for our corporate programs which has included receiving and reviewing proposals, administering grant agreements and approving reports. When not working Linda can be found on her yoga mat or outdoors hiking and bicycling with her family in Washington.


The Application Process

Only GlobalGiving Partners, Leaders, and Superstars are eligible to apply for this opportunity. Apply online here by Wednesday, August 17th. Finalists will be selected to participate in an interview process in late August. One organization will be selected to receive in-person, hands on support.

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