Introducing a New Way of Hearing from Your Donors!

Introducing a New Way of Hearing from Your Donors!

Thanks to all the feedback we received from our GlobalGiving Project Leader survey, we have learned that you want more opportunities to get feedback directly from your donors! You told us this feedback would be valuable in understanding more about how donors react to your project reports, help you improve your current projects, and overall give a better sense of how donors feel about your projects.

GlobalGiving collects feedback from donors in a couple of ways. First, we collect feedback on their experience on the GlobalGiving website after they give a donation. This information helps us improve the donation experience and helps us to drive more resources to our nonprofit partners.

Second, we also collect feedback from your project reports which provides an opportunity for donors to share their thoughts on the work that you are doing. We used to do this by using a comment button at the end of project reports. We have recently made a change to this feature to make it more user friendly, and to increase response rates!

Why did we decide to replace the comment button?

The comment button allowed donors to give feedback directly to project leaders, but it was also posted on the project report page for the public to see. Donors also did not use the comment button often enough to provide a useful amount of feedback for your organization. In the last year, the comment button was utilized by donors about 135 times.

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One reason we think that donors did not use the comment button was that it felt like more work. It takes time and effort to craft a thoughtful comment and donors were required to log in to submit their feedback.

We have tried to change this by replacing the comment button with a “scoring” feature that can be submitted directly from the project report email without donors having to log in. Donors are given the option after reading a project report to answer the following question:

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This system is a lot easier! Donors can easily understand the question and can submit useful feedback to you in a manner that feels easy to them. If they select a score on this scale (which is on the project report email), they are also given an option to write their own response explaining why they chose that score. This response is not a required part of the score.

This question given to donors is based on the Net Promoter System (NPS), which is a tool that GlobalGiving has been testing for a few years.

The Net Promoter System is a tool that was developed by Bain & Company for the for-profit sector to measure how loyal a customer is to a certain company. The NPS score is based on a 0-10 scale response to the following question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

The score is most useful when used in two ways:

  1. Compared to other companies within a specific industry (which gives you a basic ranking system) 
  2. Using the feedback provided in a follow up question (“Tell us more about why you chose this score”) to make changes which will help improve the satisfaction of their constituents. 

The NPS has been used for over a decade in the for-profit sector, and is considered by many to be the single most useful question a company can ask its customers.  

Our tests also show that this could be a powerful, inexpensive, and easy way for nonprofits to understand how their donors feel about the work they’re doing. This is why we chose to replace the comment button with a more direct, more user-friendly, vetted means of collecting quick feedback.

How is it working so far?

We made this switch in late April of this year. Since then, we have seen response rates increase a lot! Over the course of the first 45 days of having the new format in place, we received over 1880 responses from donors!

How do we plan to send this donor feedback to you?

You will receive an email with a daily digest of the feedback submitted from your project reports. On days when you don’t receive feedback, you will not receive an email.

You will also receive your overall NPS score on a monthly basis. This score will be useful for you in seeing, over time, how your donors are responding to your projects. For more information on how and why NPS scores are useful over time, check out Britt Lake’s blog post here.

If you have any questions or ideas about how we could improve donor feedback, please let us know at We are always happy to help! 

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