New Roles Added to Your GlobalGiving Account!

New Roles Added to Your GlobalGiving Account!

Today, GlobalGiving is launching two additional account roles to make it easier for your organization to manage your GlobalGiving project. You already know that you can have Project Leader and Disbursement Contacts on your account, but now you can add Project Contributors and Rewards Contributors! By adding these additional account types, Project Leaders can receive assistance from other staff members on the various tasks required on GlobalGiving.

Why add these roles?

We know that organizations often have help from staff to finish all the necessary tasks to maintain projects on GlobalGiving. We want Project Leaders to have the ability to recruit volunteers to assist with this work without allowing them full access to sensitive information, such as bank details. By giving you more roles to assign to staff, you can have additional assistance with a variety of tasks and still hold privileges to private information.

What do these roles mean?

Project Contributor:

The Project Contributor will assist the Project Leader in administrative tasks within Project Entry (PE), while still leaving tasks such as organizational edits and disbursement information changes only to the Project Leader. This ensures that only the Project Leader has access to any large changes pertaining to their organization or disbursements, but other staff can assist with day to day projects and reports. 

Project Contributors will have the following abilities:

  • Add and edit projects
  • Add and edit reports
  • View and thank donors
  • Access to the GG Rewards Dashboard
  • Add and edit GG Rewards activities
  • View website analytics
  • Attend webinars for Effectiveness points
  • Upload volunteer opportunities
  • Receive donation emails

Rewards Contributor:

The Rewards Contributor can be a staff member or volunteer dedicated to learning and managing your organization’s GG Rewards. This person will not have any access to the administrative side of your projects; he or she will only be able to improve your organization’s effectiveness. 

Rewards Contributor will have the following privileges:

  • Access to the GG Rewards Dashboard
  • Add and edit GG Rewards activities
  • Attend webinars to earn Effectiveness points
  • Access website analytics

How do I add my staff to these new roles?

To add these new roles to your GlobalGiving account:

  1. Login to your GlobalGiving account here.
  2. Navigate to Project Entry here
  3. Click “Manage Users” under the Organization category on your dashboard. 
  4. Enter the name, email, and role of your staff member and click “Create User”. 

If you have any questions or comments about these new roles, please let us know by emailing

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