Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

Stronger Together: Growing the GlobalGiving Community

You probably know that GlobalGiving is committed to listening to feedback from our nonprofit partners. Your feedback has helped us improve bonus days, guided our tech team on what fundraising tools to build, helped us design the GG Rewards program, and even influenced our website re-design. One thing that hasn’t changed is the way that nonprofits join GlobalGiving. Since 2008, new partners have had to succeed in an Open Challenge to become a permanent part of GlobalGiving’s community. This is about to change.

After every Open Challenge, we receive survey feedback from participants. Most participating organizations have a positive experience; they raise important funding for their program, improve their online fundraising abilities, and diversify their donor network. Nevertheless, we often receive feedback that the time restrictions created by the Open Challenge are too rigid to accommodate busy calendars. We also hear that some wonderful organizations aren’t able to qualify for permanent membership in the time allotted, even though they are doing great work in their community.

After analyzing the responses and looking at our own data around Open Challenge participation and success rates over the last few years, we’ve decided it is time for a change.  As of February 1st,  if a nonprofit wants to join the GlobalGiving community, there are just two steps:

  1. Submit an application
  2. Share an idea to make the world better by posting a project.

That’s it; then welcome to the GlobalGiving community! Projects posted by new partners will be “hidden,” meaning that they won’t be visible through the “search” or “browse” functions on the GlobalGiving website, eligible for site-wide bonus days or contests,  or available to receive donations from our corporate partners. Once a new organization raises $5,000 from 40 donors for their project from their own donor network, the organization will advance to Partner status and their project will become visible through searches on the site, and will be eligible to receive donations from our broader community. We hope this new process will allow organizations more flexibility in how they use the tools and resources GlobalGiving offers, and ultimately, help us continue to grow the GlobalGiving community.

Attracting new partners to GlobalGiving really benefits you too. When we can feature projects working on a variety of issues around the world, we are more successful in attracting corporate partners and other new donors, which means more potential funders for your important work! Even as GlobalGiving continues to add new partners, the average annual amount raised on GlobalGiving by each partner has continued to grow – from $8,000 in 2013, to $9,000 in 2014, and to nearly $11,000 in 2015!

In 2015, 33 new organizations joined GlobalGiving after being recommended by a GlobalGiving nonprofit partner. You can use this form to recommend GlobalGiving other great organizations, and they will be invited to submit an application. Learn more about the new process here.

Thank you for all you do to make GlobalGiving better.

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