Check Out Your New Project Page on GlobalGiving

Check Out Your New Project Page on GlobalGiving

Today GlobalGiving launched a test of a new project page concept. You may see that your project page looks different or  you may not and that’s because we are doing an A/B test before we decide to launch the product fully. Instead of me sharing why I think this test is so exciting for you, I’ll let the team that created this new design share their thoughts. Yesterday I sat down with members of GlobalGiving’s Product Team (Alison, Acacia, and Nick, and Kevin) so they could tell us more about how and why the page is changing:

Why did GlobalGiving decide to update project pages? What’s the goal of having redesigned project pages?

We’re updating the entire site this year, and launching it in phases. The goal of the redesign is to improve the ease and speed with which potential donors find and give to your project. We’re also working to make it a much more beautiful experience on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Our ultimate goal is to help you, our nonprofit partners, showcase your work, and to help donors have a great giving experience.

What was the redesign process like? What kind of user feedback did you and your team collect in order to feel comfortable with the current design?

We have a small team of GlobalGiving staff working on the redesign, but we’re consulting internal and external stakeholders for feedback at various stages. We invited current nonprofit partners, staff, and a handful of users to share their thoughts and experiences with the new design. We feel like we’re at a good place to test out what we’ve come up with, so we’re launching an A/B test to find out whether the new design actually helps users move through the donation process more easily. This means that for the next two weeks or so, only a portion of users will see the new design, and others will still see the old design. We want to make sure that the new design is helping, and not hurting, donation completion rates.

As you and your team were testing and collecting information on the user experience (UX) of the redesign from varied users, did any feedback challenge your original assumptions?

Our project pages have evolved over the last several years as a direct result of user feedback. This latest round builds upon that feedback and tries to simplify the process. One of the more surprising pieces of feedback for us from donors is that they wanted to see a list of all of the different payment methods under the donation options. We had originally thought this list would be too distracting, but the feedback showed us that they wanted clear instructions on their options.

Most of GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners know that GlobalGiving updated the homepage, so what lessons did you and the rest of the GlobalGiving design team take into consideration when working on the project page redesign?

One of our biggest lessons from the homepage redesign is that less is more. Our old homepage had a huge number of options, and the feedback told us that it was too overwhelming and cluttered. Our new homepage adopts a much more visual, simplified approach that presents the user with fewer choices that they have to make so it’s easier for them to look for a project.

We applied the same lessons to the project pages, looking to reduce the visual clutter on the page as much as possible so that it’s easier for each project to tell its story. We also found that having large photos really engaged users, so we’ve made the new project page design more focused on the images that users can relate to.

Say I’m a nonprofit partner, what do you think will be the biggest improvements I’ll notice?

You’ll notice that your photos look better, your descriptions are more clearly laid out, and the project page works much better on a mobile device. Donors may or may not notice that there’s one less click in the donation process; now they can click on a donation amount and it will take them directly to the checkout cart.  While it’s not always a conscious thing, we know that the more steps in a checkout process, the more likely a donor is to abandon their donation.

If I am a nonprofit partner are there any updates I should make to my project in order to take full advantage of the new design of my project page?

Images are highlighted in this new design, so a clear, high-quality photo will make best use of the page redesign. Make sure you have a great header image that’s high-resolution (at least 1200px wide, but 2400px or higher is better), is very compelling, and preferably landscape-oriented (wider than it is tall). As donors get new smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the screen resolutions are improving. GlobalGiving’s site is now able to detect when a user has a high-end monitor and we want to show the best possible image for your project. This means that we need the largest copy of a photo that you have so that we can resize it to work on every device that donors are coming with, be it a big screen TV, tablet with Retina display, or a tiny smartphone. You might also want to take this opportunity to edit the text of your project now that you see it in a new light. Finally, it’s still a good idea to have clear value outcomes under each donation amount.


Before and After


So, to recap the top things you need to know about your new project page are:

  • It’s mobile and tablet friendly!
  • The new project page is cleaner in terms of design.
  • The new fundraiser button makes it easier for your supporters to find out how to set-up a fundraiser page.
  • The “gift or in-honor of” tab is no longer on your project page; rather donors can now select to give a “gift or in-honor of” (also known as a tribute card) at the time of check-out. This will make the check-out process for donors much simpler and will no longer distract from the recurring donation option tab.
  • Use this change as an opportunity to update your organization’s main photo.  Your main photo should be at least 1200px wide, but 2400px or higher.
  • Donating is now a one-step process for donors. This will make ensure it’s easier for donors using any type of device to donate, including small devices like smart phones.
  • Your organization’s information is now more prominent. This is so donors who are unfamiliar with your work can not only learn about the work your project is doing, but also the organization behind it.
  • You may also notice that the sections look different; we are testing out this new format to see how donors respond. You won’t notice these changes in the back-end, but we look forward to testing these changes out with donors visiting the GlobalGiving site.

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