Apply for One-on-One Technical Support

Apply for One-on-One Technical Support

GlobalGiving helps organizations access more than just money. Our mission is also to connect you with valuable information and ideas that can help you become a more effective organization and transform your work in the field.  So, this year we are offering three opportunities to apply to receive one-on-one, in-person support from  members of the GlobalGiving team. This is just one of many ways that we are helping our partners access important information.

Today we are excited to announce the details of this year’s third and final professional support opportunity. Apply now for the opportunity to receive technical support from Nick Violi, GlobalGiving’s Senior Software Engineer for Good, and Scott Williams, our Project Manager for Good. The deadline to apply is Friday, September 11.

About the Opportunity

This unique program will support one organization through the process of defining a technical challenge, understanding the tools, techniques, and resources that are available to tackle that challenge, creating a comprehensive outline of actionable steps to achieve your technical goals, and working together to make improvements to a tool or platform. In addition to several hours of remote preparation, Nick and Scott will spend 2-4 days in-person with the organization bringing together organizational stakeholders (staff, board members, etc.) to offer technical training and one-on-one website support.

What is a technical challenge?

A technical challenge is a problem related to your organization’s website, blog, or online presence that requires a multi-step plan and cannot be solved with a one-step solution. The plan involves:  identifying goals, barriers and opportunities, evaluating alternative strategies for addressing the challenge, gathering requirements, identifying resource needs, and implementing the best possible solution.

Here are just a few examples of the types of challenges that your organization may want to address:

  • Technical Training
    • “Our team has the basic skills needed to manage our website but we don’t have the technical know-how necessary to implement an upcoming website improvement project. What skills do we need to update our website?”
    • “Our team is familiar with basic web development but we need help catching up on the latest trends. How do we make our site more mobile friendly? How do we reduce page load times?”
  • Website Development & Improvement
    • “The content on our website hasn’t been updated in years. We have a lot of great new content but we’re not sure how to share it with our supporters and constituents. How should we present this information? Should we restructure our website or start a blog?”
    • “We have the skills and content we need to create a website but we feel overwhelmed by what it takes to get started. What are the first steps in creating a nonprofit website?”
  • Web Analytics Collection & Application
    • “We have a website but we don’t know who is visiting it or what parts of the site are most frequented. As a result, we’re not sure how to best allocate staff time towards improving the site. How can we collect and use analytics to improve our website?”
    • “We love our website but it doesn’t seem to drive much activity. How can we design an experiment to test changes to the site that drive greater activity?”

The purpose of this opportunity is to provide your organization with the framework, knowledge, and technical support that you need to excel! Although Nick and Scott are available to offer training, support, and temporary website development, they are not responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your website. In addition, this exciting opportunity is not directly tied to additional fundraising resources or corporate partnership opportunities; the team will not connect you with funders as a result of this opportunity.

Meet Nick and Scott

nickvNick Violi – Senior Software Engineer for Good

Nick channels his passion for new technology and user-centered design into making the GlobalGiving website easier to use, prettier, and hopefully more fun. Nick holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a B.S. in Math from Bates College. He spends as much of his spare time as possible being outdoors – biking, rock climbing, hiking – and traveling. Before joining the GlobalGiving team, Nick and his wife climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, stuffed their faces with street food in Hanoi, drove across South Africa, and skied in Patagonia during an around-the-world trip of 21 countries in one year.

scottScott Williams – Project Manager for Good

Scott works with GlobalGiving team members to define and execute brilliant ideas that enhance the donor, nonprofit, and corporate partner experiences on In his former life, Scott was a 6 Sigma green belt at Caterpillar, an implementation manager for an enterprise software solutions company, and the digital media manager for a management ethics nonprofit. He holds an MBA-GM from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a B.S. in International Business and Marketing from Illinois State University, and is actively pursuing his PMP certification. Outside of work, Scott can be found making a mess in the kitchen, on his mat in downward dog, or expertly packing a bag for a weekend getaway.

The Application Process

Only GlobalGiving Partners, Leaders, and Superstars are eligible to apply for this opportunity. Apply online here by Friday, September 11. Finalists will be selected to participate in an interview process in September. One organization will be selected to receive in-person support.

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