Introducing the Feedback Series

Introducing the Feedback Series

Earlier this month, GlobalGiving announced the 2015 Feedback Fund, an opportunity to receive funding and technical support to collect feedback from your community. We are excited to use this opportunity to launch a blog series dedicated to feedback!

At GlobalGiving, we believe that in order for us to be a truly effective organization, you, our nonprofit partners, should help drive everything that we do. Your voices, opinions, and aspirations go into the design, implementation, and evaluation of our programs.

Through this series, we’ll share how GlobalGiving is experimenting with and learning from feedback loops. Over the next few weeks, you will hear insights from our own efforts to solicit and learn from feedback, as well as lessons that we have learned from being part of Feedback Labs, a consortium of like-minded organizations committed to making governments, NGOs and donors more responsive to the needs of their constituents.

What is a closed feedback loop?

But first, let’s talk about what we think it takes to use feedback effectively using an approach that we call the closed feedback loop.  We define a closed feedback loop as a system in which the voices of constituents or community members are heard by decision makers and in which feedback has a measurable impact on the programming, products, and services that affect those individuals. This kind of system ensures accountability, but it also positions constituents or community members as active co-creators with service providers and funders. Learn more about the five steps in a closed feedback loop here.

As a learning organization, GlobalGiving strives to close the feedback loop by collecting and analyzing feedback, engaging in dialogue around that feedback, making changes based on that dialogue, and finally communicating those changes to the community of nonprofits that we support. Our big bet is that utilizing closed feedback loops not only improves GlobalGiving’s effectiveness, but also helps you, our nonprofit partners, achieve your mission more effectively. And we’re not alone! The authors of this recent article argue that listening to the voices of the individuals that you seek to serve, even as a funding organization, allows you to tap into an invaluable set of insights about your organization’s effectiveness. Learn more here.

Like you, we are still learning how to best implement closed feedback loops with the individuals and organizations that we serve. In this series, we will share just some of the ways that GlobalGiving is experimenting with closed feedback loops and begin to report back on the ways that your feedback has already helped to grow and improve GlobalGiving. Stay tuned for more next week!

Apply to the 2015 Feedback Fund!

Through our 2015 Feedback Fund, GlobalGiving is offering technical support and up to $2,000 in funding to organizations working to improve their feedback practice. Learn more by watching this webinar or reading our blog post on the fund. Complete this application form and complete the Feedback Labs quiz by August 7th to apply. Please email with any questions!

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