Become More Effective with the Social Impact Academy

Become More Effective with the Social Impact Academy

What is your organization’s impact? Join us for a two-month online course designed to help you explore the different theories of impact measurement and to learn about practical tools that you can use to increase your organization’s effectiveness. Apply online by Friday, May 22nd. Hurry! There are only 45 spaces available.

You saw a need in a community. So you designed a program to create meaningful change. But how do you know if it works? And what does your community have to say about the program? How do you talk about your organization’s social impact? And how do you get the support and resources you need to reach even more communities?

That’s where the Social Impact Academy comes in! We’ve brought together social impact experts and professionals from nonprofits around the world to offer a small cohort of GlobalGiving partners personal, hands-on training and support. We’ll talk about what social impact means for different types of organizations and help you explore and digest the tools and resources that are out there to help you design programs for social change, measure your impact, engage your community and respond to its feedback, and much more! See below for a complete agenda.

Apply online by Friday, May 22nd! Please email us at with questions.

What is the Social Impact Academy?

  • A two-month online course;
  • Made up of nine webinar sessions;
  • Taking place on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Washington, DC time in June and July (Find this time in your city).
  • A small cohort of organizations will be selected via an online application to participate.

Selected participants are required to:

  • Participate in at least seven of the nine webinar sessions by  joining the live sessions  or watching the recordings;
  • Complete three homework assignments for the course;
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to Discussion Partner and Discussion Group (made up of about 5 participating organizations); and
  • Complete final impact project.

$50 Social Impact Academy Bond

We’ve added a slight twist to the Social Impact Academy. We’re charging a $50 bond for participation in this online course.

What is a bond? It is an amount that you pay up front in order to participate in the Academy. Your organization will receive the entire $50 back following the Academy if: you participate in at least seven Academy sessions, complete all three homework assignments  and complete the final impact project!

What if we don’t meet the Academy requirements? GlobalGiving will retain the $50 and apply the amount towards our matching fund, which is used to fund GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days and other fundraising promotions.

Why is GlobalGiving charging a bond? We know that the reason you’re considering the Social Impact Academy is because you want to invest in this area of your organization’s development. So, we would like to give you a little extra incentive to stick with it and achieve that goal.

How do we pay the bond? The bond can be paid on GlobalGiving’s website here using a credit card or PayPal. You must submit payment for the bond by Friday, May 22 in order to participate in the Social Impact Academy.

When do we get the bond back? Once you succeed in completing the final impact project, you will receive the $50 back as part of your next monthly disbursement from GlobalGiving.

Academy Schedule

What’s Your Social Impact? – The Why, What, & How of Social Impact
Mari Kuraishi, President and Co-Founder, GlobalGiving
Tuesday, June 2 at 11 am EDT
What does social impact mean? Why is it crucial to understand your organization’s social impact? How can you use impact measurement tools to amplify your impact while optimizing efficiency? And what does it take for an organization to remain focused on social impact? Join us for an introductory session to tackle these questions and more.

Panel Discussion: How do you think about social impact?
Lisha McCormick, Chief Development Officer, Last Mile Health
Daney Ramirez, Las Claras Director, Voces Vitales de Panama
Daniele Reisbig, Development Coordinator, The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project
Tuesday, June 9 am 11 am EDT

Join GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners for an open conversation about social impact. How do these organizations think about the impact of their work? In what ways do they involve their constituents and stakeholders in the conversation? What tools do they use to measure their impact? How have they overcome obstacles in the process? Come prepared to share your questions, challenges, and ideas.

How to Design Programs for Social Change
Yennie Lee, Impact Manager,
Sam Sternin

Tuesday, June 16 at 11 am EDT
Where does social change come from? Well, we would argue it starts with a community of people. The Positive Deviance Initiative has found that change comes from individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers. uses their Human-Centered Design framework to solve problems by designing programs in collaboration with the community in need. Join us for a discussion about different approaches to designing programs for social change and to find an approach that works for your organization!

Listening and Responding to Community Feedback
David Bonbright, Chief Executive, Keystone Accountability
Sarah Hennessy, Chief of Staff, Feedback Labs
Wednesday, June 24 at 11 am EDT

How do we know that our programs are actually meeting the needs of the communities we seek to serve? While working with communities to design and implement programs is often the desired goal, at the end of the day, we all struggle with competing priorities, so listening to and responding to feedback often falls to the wayside. The problem is that feedback can be time-consuming to collect, difficult to use, and threatening to receive. So, how can a nonprofit build systems of trust and accountability with its constituents in mind, despite limited time and resources?

Plan for Success: Impact Assessment Methods and Tools
Jennifer Lentfer, Director of Communications, IDEX
Tuesday, June 30 at 11 am EDT

With hundreds of tools, approaches, and platforms for measuring impact out there, the process can seem overwhelming and time consuming. So, let’s simplify things! Join us for a basic overview of impact measurement designed to help you identify the assessment methods and tools that are right for you and your organization.

Building Impact Measurement into Programs
Sandeep Ahuja, Founder and CEO, Operation ASHA
Emma Pfister, Global Communications Manager, Water for People
Tuesday, July 7 at 11 am EDT

Ok, so you have a solid foundation in social impact assessment methods and tools but what does it look like in the field? Join GlobalGiving’s partners to hear how real organizations have built impact measurement into their programs.

Learning from Failure
Marilyn Darling, Partner, Fourth Quadrant Partners, LLC.
Kennedy Leavens, Executive Director, Awamaki
Tuesday, July 14 at 11 am EDT

Let’s be honest, we all fail. It’s how we acknowledge and learn from failure that sets us apart. Nonprofits can’t afford to make the same mistakes again and again; our missions are too important. Join us for an important discussion about recognizing and responding to failure and working together to build a more robust nonprofit community.

How to Tell Your Impact Story
Alison Carlman, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, GlobalGiving
Tuesday, July 21 at 11 am EDT

Once you have the evidence to demonstrate your organization’s impact learn how to use stories about your organization’s impact in the communities you serve to galvanize greater support. Learn how to communicate your organization’s work in a way that will spark social change. Join us for an important conversation about telling stories of impact.

How to Grow Your Impact
Andy Bryant, Executive Director, Segal Family Foundation
Tuesday, July 28 at 11 am EDT

In the last session of the Social Impact Academy, we will talk about when it makes sense to scale your organization’s social impact and what tools you need to do it. Join us to hear best practices in securing funding for growth from impact-focused funders.


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