Communication Tips for the May 13th Pro-Rated Bonus Day

Communication Tips for the May 13th Pro-Rated Bonus Day

The May 13th Pro-Rated Bonus Day is unlike anything GlobalGiving has done before and probably unlike anything your donors have ever heard of!

This makes communications a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips for talking to your donors:

  • Make your donation ask very simple. Focus on the message that donations are guaranteed to be matched. Every donation that is made during Bonus Day will result in more funds for your project. Be sure not to confuse or overwhelm your donors with too much information.
  • Lessen the urgency. Donors can give at any time between 9am and midnight EDT on May 13th and get matched. They don’t have to give at 9am exactly so there isn’t as much pressure on the donor. Emphasize the date and that the donor can give when it is convenient for
  • Offer donors a way to get additional information about the matching day. You can link to the Leaderboard or offer donors the opportunity to ask questions by email or phone. This way, any donors that want to know the matching details have an easy way to get the information.
  • Remember the $1,000 maximum per donor per project for the match. Larger donations will only have the first $1,000 matched.

The unique structure of this Bonus Day also allows you to change your communications strategy and take fuller advantage of the extended matching timeline and guarantee of matching.

  • Send reminders throughout the day! Send several emails to your supporters with a reminder to give and post on social media throughout the day to keep your supporters updated.
  • Send your emails when it’s most convenient for your donors and most likely they will have time to give. If your donors aren’t awake at 9am EDT, wait until later in the day to send the appeal email. You can schedule your project reports to be sent out later in the day as well.
  • Ask your supporters to spread the word. With more time to do outreach, you can have your supporters spread the word on social media or by email. Plus, with the guaranteed matching, new donors will be extra motivated to give to your project.

Here is a sample email blurb that can highlight the opportunities of this Bonus Day:

Starting at 9am EDT on May 13th, GlobalGiving is matching donations on our project! Any online donation up to $1,000 made on that day will go even further to help fund our program. You can donate any time between 9am EDT and midnight to have your donation partially matched by GlobalGiving – guaranteed! Just click here (link to your project) and support our work on May 13th.

Also, GlobalGiving recently hosted a webinar to go over the Bonus Day structure and communication tips. If you missed it, watch the recording to catch up!

Good luck to all of the participants! As always, reach out to us at with any questions.

Sonja and the GlobalGiving Team

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