New Feature: Referrals and Campaigns

New Feature: Referrals and Campaigns

You asked. We listened… and delivered! Check out the new additions to your GlobalGiving dashboard. Based on your feedback, we are excited to launch a new feature that will give you the ability to see the campaigns in which your organization has participated. And, for the first time, you will also be able to see the number of times your organization has been referred to a potential GlobalGiving corporate partner!

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This new feature provides you with insight into what’s happening behind the scenes at GlobalGiving on behalf of your organization.


The referrals section shows you the number of times your organization has been referred to campaigns and corporate partners, even if your organization was not selected for the campaign. In most cases, companies or campaign sponsors make the final decision to determine which organizations participate in the giving opportunity. The referrals number does not mean your organization was selected for a campaign, and in order to protect our campaign sponsors’ privacy, we are unable to provide the name of the campaign sponsor or company to which your organization was referred.

Try hovering your mouse over the question mark, “?,” for more detail that will pop up (but don’t click).

Types of referrals

  • Corporate partners: Our Business Development Team works with more than 60 corporate partners to drive donations to your projects. Learn more about our corporate partnerships here. GlobalGiving does not pitch organizations to companies. Instead, GlobalGiving helps companies strengthen community investment and engage employees and customers through cause marketing, gift card, and grant programs. Companies often come to GlobalGiving with specific regional and thematic focuses in mind. We refer organizations to corporate partners based on their criteria and GlobalGiving’s Partner Rewards Program. GlobalGiving is most likely to refer Superstars and Leaders to corporate partners.
  • Other: GlobalGiving, GlobalGiving UK, and other foundations host matching campaigns and fundraising promotions.  Organizations referred may or may not have been eligible due to partner reward status, geography, or theme.


The Campaigns feature on the dashboard reflects the number of campaigns that your organization has been eligible to participate in on GlobalGiving. In addition to GlobalGiving matching campaigns and fundraising promotions, this list may include corporate matching campaigns, cause marketing opportunities, gift card promotions, and volunteer programs, among others.

Try clicking on the question mark, “?,” for more detail.

What’s in the campaigns dashboard?

  • Name: Check out the list of campaigns your organization was eligible to participate in. Below the name you will see a list of your project id’s that were eligible.
  • Sponsor: The sponsor either provided funds to the campaign or hosted it on GlobalGiving. Types of sponsors include corporate partners, GlobalGiving, and other foundations.
  • Campaign Type: Different types of campaigns include donation, project tag, landing page, matching, gift card, grant, cause marketing, volunteering programs, and more.
  • Start and Stop Dates: These dates indicate the beginning and ending of campaigns.

View your campaign history in different ways. 

  • Click on Sponsor to see the number of times you have participated in a particular sponsor’s campaign.
  • Click on Campaign Type to see the number of times your organization participated in matching campaigns or featured in “Project of the Month Club” (Project Tag).
  • Click on start dates or stop dates to categorize your campaign history by date.

Please note that this new dashboard does not capture the entire historical list of campaigns on GlobalGiving. It only includes recent data we have been able to track using existing infrastructure. We are working to improve this added element to your dashboard. In the future, we will be able to provide more detailed and robust information so your organization has more information about GlobalGiving’s efforts to advocate on your behalf!

Keep sending us your feedback and suggestions as we evolve and grow with you! Please email us at with any questions or comments.

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