Accelerate your fundraising with the 2015 Online Fundraising Academy

Fundraising-treeAre you looking to take your organization’s fundraising to the next level? Join us for a two-month online course designed to help you, our nonprofit partner, supercharge your fundraising. Apply online by Friday, February 20. Hurry! There are only 45 spaces available.

You’re committed to making a difference in the world and you need money to do it. So you’ve asked everyone you can think of to give— your 3rd grade gym teacher, your best friend from college, your best friend from college’s dentist—we know how it goes.  But what’s next? What does it take to build a consistent and reliable base of donors? To establish valuable and lasting partnerships with companies? What do you need to do to get your organization’s fundraising to the next level?

That’s where the Online Fundraising Academy comes in! We’ve brought together fundraising professionals—experts in their organizations on donor communications, campaign fundraising, corporate relationship building, and more—to offer a small cohort of GlobalGiving partners personal, hands on fundraising training. See below for a complete list of speakers and sessions.

Feedback from Last Year’s Participants

Last year, 45 organizations participated in our first Online Fundraising Academy. On average, organizations have improved their fundraising on GlobalGiving by more than 25% after participating in the Academy. Last year’s cohort raised more than $113,000 in the three subsequent Bonus Days—that’s more than $2,500 per organization! Here’s how one participant plans to improve her organization’s fundraising:

“In the future I will be thinking more strategically about fundraising in terms of looking at the data; I will be making specific calls to action for list-building on Facebook; I will be writing shorter more donor-centered emails; and I will be planning and thinking more about the different ways to get donations.” – Daryl Caggiano, Empower Dalit Women of Nepal (EDWON)

Apply online by February 20th! Feel free to email Alexis Nadin at with questions.

What is the Online Fundraising Academy?

  • A two-month course;
  • Made up of nine webinar sessions;
  • Taking place on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Washington, DC time in March and April (Find this time in your city).
  • A small cohort of organizations will be selected via an online application to participate.

Selected participants are required to:

  • Participate in at least seven of the nine webinar sessions;
  • Complete three homework assignments for the course, including crafting a Bonus Day strategy using a campaign strategy worksheet, drafting an appeal email, and creating a Facebook content calendar;
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to discussion group  members (discussion groups are made up of about 6 organizations); and
  • Participate in the May Bonus Day OR July Bonus Day and raise at least $1,000 (learn more in the 2015 Calendar).

$50 Online Fundraising Academy Bond

We’ve added a slight twist to the Online Fundraising Academy. We’re charging a $50 bond for participation in this online course.

What is a bond? It is an amount that you pay up front in order to participate in the Academy. Your organization will receive the entire $50 back following the Academy if: you participate in at least seven Academy sessions, complete all three homework assignments  and raise at least $1,000 during the May or July Bonus Day!

What if we don’t raise $1,000 in the May or July Bonus Days? GlobalGiving will retain the $50 and apply the amount towards our matching fund, which is used to fund GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days and other fundraising promotions.

Why is GlobalGiving charging a bond? We know that the reason you’re considering the Online Fundraising Academy is because you want to increase the amount of donations coming into your organization. So, we would like to give you a little extra incentive to achieve that goal.

How do we pay the bond? The bond can be paid on GlobalGiving’s website here using a credit card or PayPal. You must submit payment for the bond by Friday, February 20th in order to participate in the Online Fundraising Academy.

When do we get the bond back? Once you succeed in raising $1,000 in the May or July Bonus Day, you will receive the $50 back as part of your next monthly disbursement from GlobalGiving.

Academy Schedule

How charity:water is Harnessing the Power of Online Fundraising
Deepa Subramaniam, Director of Product, charity:water
Tuesday, March 3 at 11:00 am EST
charity:water raised more than $35 million from more than 128,000 individual fundraisers in 2014. How did they do it? They empowered more than 7,000 individuals to fundraise on their behalf! Join Deepa Subramaniam, charity:water’s Director of Product to learn more. Deepa is responsible for constantly improving to drive more donor engagement and increased fundraising activity.

Panel Discussion: Building the Foundation for Successful Fundraising
Beth Eisenstaedt, Chief Development Officer, Wildlife Alliance
Kay Helm, Executive Director, Tributaries International
Erin Phelps, Program Assistant, GoodWeave International
Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00 am EST
A panel of fundraising professionals from GlobalGiving’s partner organizations will discuss the fundraising tools that their organizations use to manage and engage their individual donors and track their fundraising activity.

Creating a Campaign Strategy
Maureen Dugan, Executive Director, Arlington Academy of Hope
Tuesday, March 17 at 11:00 am EST
Maureen and her team raised $115,000 in matching campaigns on GlobalGiving in 2014! After participating in GlobalGiving’s first Online Fundraising Academy in 2013, Maureen is returning to share her advice and insights with this year’s cohort.

Cultivating a Fundraising Army
Marshall Bailly, Executive Director & Founder, Leadership Initiatives
Tuesday, March 24 at 11:00 am EST
Marshall and his team raised more than $260,000 through GlobalGiving in 2014. He has built relationships with a core group of donors that regularly support Leadership Infinitives via various promotions. He has developed a comprehensive strategy for campaign outreach and communications, including local donor mobilization in Nigeria, where Leadership Initiatives operates.

How to Write Earth-Changing Emails
Will Frechette, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, GlobalGiving
Tuesday, March 31 at 11:00 am EST
Will is responsible for telling the stories of GlobalGiving and our partner organizations. In 2014, Will and his team raised more than $170,000 from donor emails. He will discuss her efforts to experiment with and learn from GlobalGiving’s donor communications, including important take aways and recommendations.

Donor-Centered Retention Strategy
Tuesday, April 7 at 11:00 am EST
New donors are more difficult and expensive to attract than ever. If a new donor gives only once – as nearly 60% do – then you’re often left with a loss on your initial investment to gain that new donor. While acquisition will always be important, to survive in today’s nonprofit environment, organizations must focus on ways to keep existing donors coming back year after year. Join us for a session designed to help  you develop a donor-centered retention strategy.

Building a Donor Community on Facebook
Emily Bell, Marketing & Development Manager, More Than Me
Tuesday, April 14 at 11:00 am EST
More Than Me has more than 26,000 fans on Facebook. It’s not uncommon for a post on the organization’s page to receive 200 likes, several dozen shares, and handful of comments. The organization effectively taps into this hyper-engaged Facebook network to drive action and donations during campaigns and promotions. How do they do it?! Emily Bell, More Than Me’s Marketing & Development Manager, will join us to share their secrets to success.

Fundraising Evaluation and Analysis
Kaylan Christofferson, Business Intelligence Analyst, GlobalGiving
Tuesday, April 21 at 11:00 am EST
Kaylan and her team support the organization in financial goal setting and benchmarking. She leads the charge in tracking annual progress and evaluating year-end results. She is responsible for compiling a weekly analysis of site activity and donations. She will discuss GlobalGiving’s rigorous goal-setting and ongoing monitoring of fundraising activities.

Corporate Outreach and Relationship Building
Ingrid Embree, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, GlobalGiving
Tuesday, April 28 at 11:00 am EST
Ingrid has helped more than 60 different companies achieve their philanthropic objectives with GlobalGiving. She has a history of helping organizations meet their operational objectives and develop fundraising capacity. In this session, Ingrid will discuss how she identifies and builds relationships with prospective corporate partners.

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