October 15, 2014 Bonus Day Tips and Tricks

Last week GlobalGiving held a webinar on the terms and conditions for the upcoming October 15th Bonus Day. We also went over a Bonus Day strategy, that will help make Bonus Day a successful fundraising day for your organization. We’re offering a 30% match on all donations up to $1,000 per donor per project, while funds remain. There is $75,000 available in matching and matching begins at 9:00 a.m. EDT and lasts until funds run out or 11:59 p.m. EDT.  There is also $2,000 in bonus prizes available!

The Benefits of Bonus Day

Bonus Days are a great way to re-energize your donor base and grow your network of supporters. Bonus Days allow your organization to fundraise around a time-bound campaign. Matching funds gained on Bonus Day are just the icing on the cake. Bonus Days should be looked at as a reason to ask your donors to give. They allow your organization to create a sense of urgency; donors must give now.

Bonus Day Terms & Conditions

For full Bonus Day terms and conditions click here.

Bonus Day Strategy – Let’s Gets Started! 

Use the timeline and tasks below to create a Bonus Day strategy for your organization to use in order to have a successful Bonus Day.

Tips and Tricks – Week 1, Sept. 22-28

  • Bonus Day Funding Goal (excluding matching funds and bonus prizes): ­____________
  • How many donors do you need to reach your funding goal?: ________________

Tips & Tricks – Week 2, Sept. 29 Oct. 5: Identify supporters and get feedback

  • Identify potential donors, such as board members, former volunteers and interns, and friends/family
  • Identify donor captains. Donor captains are responsible for raising a funding goal on the day of Bonus Day. For example, a donor captain may be a former intern that is excited about your work and pledges to raise $300 from 20 donors for your project. Donor captains help your organization grow its network of supporters.
  • Contact donor captains. Let them know why you are asking for their help and tell them how they can help. Remember your donor captains are persons that care about your organization, the work you are doing, and most importantly they care about you (the number 1 reason why people give is because someone they know and trust asked them too).

Tips & Tricks – Week 3, Oct. 6 Oct. 12: Begin Communication with supporters and write communications for Bonus Day

  • Send an email to your network letting them know that on Oct. 15th you will be asking them a favor. Tell them to look out for an email. Include a quote from a beneficiary, a story about one of your beneficiaries, or an update on how your project is doing. You want to make sure that you remind them about the great work your organization is doing, and why their donation will make a difference. Include the world clock announcer, so they know that time Bonus Day starts in their location, but do not include the link to give.
  • Call your major donors and supporters to let them know about the Bonus Day and that they should be on the look for an email from you about how to give on Oct. 15th.
  • Put together messaging for your organization to use on Bonus Day. This should include the following:

–A project report for GlobalGiving. Submit your project report to GlobalGiving before Bonus Day, and request that it be sent out on Oct. 15th at 9 am EDT (Bonus Day start time). In your project report include an update about your project, a quote from a beneficiary, and/or story of one of your beneficiaries. Also, don’t forget to include a call to action for donors to give on Bonus Day. Your project report should inspire them to give.

–Write and send messaging for your donor captains to use for Bonus Day asks. You want to make sure that assisting your organization is easy for them, and that they are sharing the correct information. Include a template email, sample tweets, and sample Facebook posts, if relevant.

Tips & Tricks – Week 4, Oct. 13 -19: Bonus Day week & thank you notes

  • Day before Bonus Day: Send out an email to supporters the day before Bonus Day letting them know that there is an opportunity for them to have their donation matched. Let them know when Bonus Day starts. Include the world clock event announcer, so they know what time Bonus Day starts in their location. Do not include a link to your project page or how to give quite yet.
  • Bonus Day: When Bonus Day begins at 9 am EDT, send out an email to your supporters letting them know that you are now asking for the favor, and why. Include directions on how to give, by including a direct link to your project page. Do not send donors to GlobalGiving’s homepage. Please send donors directly to your project page in order to minimize confusion and clicks.

Day after Bonus Day: Make sure you thank your donors in a timely manner by using GlobalGiving’s thank you note feature.  Click here to learn more about the thank you note feature

Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. 

We know your time and resources are valuable. We want to help you be as effective as possible with those resources, and we’ve seen that effectiveness is driven by a cycle of progress that involves listening, acting, and learning (and repeating — doing it all again). Think about the questions below in order to test how your strategy worked.

  • LISTEN: You just read tips for a creating a successful October 15th Bonus Day.
  • ACT: What is one way you are going to fundraise for Bonus Day?
  • LEARN: How will you know whether your fundraising strategy worked? What results will you look for in order to measure success?

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