Improve your fundraising with GlobalGiving Analytics

You asked and we delivered! Based on your feedback, GlobalGiving has developed the Analytics Dashboard, a new feature designed to provide insight into your GlobalGiving project and report activity. Check it out here to see how many people are visiting your project pages, reading your project reports, and donating.

Why is data important?

Your organization is providing lifesaving services and advocating for world-changing causes and I bet you’re doing it all with limited staff and financial resources. That’s why data is so crucial to your organization’s decision making! Data allows you to determine how to best allocate your precious time and resources. It makes it possible to maximize the effectiveness of your communications and campaigns to generate more funds for your work. With data, you can set more accurate fundraising goals and measure progress so you can maximize funds to support your mission.

Analytics Dashboard Guide – Visit your Analytics Dashboard here.

Analytics 2The Analytics Dashboard includes the following information:

Date Range: Data is available since the beginning of your account with GlobalGiving! Use the slider to set the date range that you would like to view.

Number of donations: The total number of donations received during the selected period of time.

Number of pageviews: The total number of times your project(s) was loaded on a device during the specified period of time.

Average time on page: The average amount of time that a user spent on your project page(s) before clicking away. Average based on pageviews during the specified period of time.

Number of donations: All the donations received in the selected period of time.

Donation volume: The total amount of donations in the U.S. dollars given per day over the selected period of time.

Visitors: The number of unique devices (computer, tablet, or phone) that loaded your project page(s) during the selected period. This is the best possible estimation of the number of individuals who are coming to your project page(s).

Pageviews: The number of times your project page(s) were loaded on a device (computer, tablet, or phone) during the selected period. One device or individual person may load your project page(s) multiple times. Each page load counts as a visit. That means that if one individual comes to your project page(s) three different times, you will see all three different visits reflected in this graph.

Donation Source: The websites or links that your donors used to find your project page(s): google, project report, a news site, etc. The traffic source is currently only available for donations. This information is not available for all visitors to GlobalGiving.

Donations Size: Donations to your organization broken down by size of the donation in U.S. dollars.

Project reports: Metrics about your project reports for the past 12 months including:

  • Sent count: The number of donors that were sent your report.
  • Open count: The number of donors that opened the report.
  • Clicked count: The number of donors that clicked on any link in your project report.

Analytics Dashboard Webinar

Join Nick Hamlin, GlobalGiving’s Business Intelligence Analyst, on May 29th to learn more about the Analytics Dashboard and to discover how you can use this new feature to test and maximize your messaging and communication on GlobalGiving!

Date: Thursday, May 29

Times: 9 am EDT (Find this time in your city) and 3 pm EDT (Find this time in your city)

Webinar link:

Register here!

Additional questions or feedback? Share your comments and questions using this feedback form.

GlobalGiving’s Commitment to Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.

The Analytics Dashboard is just one way that GlobalGIving is practicing what we preach. You may have noticed that we’re big advocates of community feedback (check out our Storytelling Fund here for more information!). We collect feedback from our partners through our annual partner survey, our Leadership Council, feedback sessions at our global workshops, and much more! We’re excited to be able to act on the feedback that we received from partners around the world, asking for more data about your project and report activity.

We’re launching the Analytics Dashboard at an exciting time at GlobalGiving. We just announced the Effectiveness Dashboard last month, which allows you to track your GlobalGiving activity, including donor engagement (project reports, thank you notes, etc.) and your participation in GlobalGiving’s trainings and promotions (webinars, workshops, Bonus Days, etc.). We have reason to believe that by giving you opportunities to learn from real-time feedback through the GlobalGiving platform, you will be able to experiment and improve your work! Using these new tools to accelerate the cycle of “Listening, Acting, Learning. And Repeating.”, we think you’re one step closer to increasing your own social impact on the ground.

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