Project report email subject lines

We are putting you in control of your project report subject lines! Our tech team just implemented a new feature on the GlobalGiving website that will allow you to customize the subject line of your project reports.

Subject Line

GlobalGiving requires quarterly project reports for all active projects on GlobalGiving. Project reports are emailed out to all the donors who have given to your project and they are a fantastic communications tool!

Previously, the subject line for all project reports was: Update from [PROJECT NAME] on Starting today, you will be able to draft your own subject lines using the “Title or Subject Line” field in the report editor in the project entry system!

What’s so exciting about subject lines?

The average office worker sends and receives 105 emails a day. (It’s true!) You need a compelling and attractive subject line to make your project reports stand out in your supporters’ inboxes.

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind when crafting your report subject lines:

  • Keep it short. Subject lines should be less than 40 characters (characters are single letters or spaces).
  • Avoid the spam folder. Your supporters’ email accounts have spam filters in place to keep their inboxes clean and safe. Make sure that your subject lines don’t trigger spam filters by avoiding subject lines in all capital letters, avoiding too many exclamation marks (!), and gimmicky language (win, free, prize, giveaway, etc.).
  • Be interesting. Craft a subject line that causes your supporters to pause and consider opening your email. Try asking a question or making an unexpected statement.

Upsala Zirk got their supporters attention with “It’s Neverland.” Lotus Outreach recently wrote the subject “I didn’t think a girl like me would have a chance.” More Than Me titled one of their reports “Don’t call it failure.” And Chicuchas Wasi asked their supporters “What are you doing?

We know that you need the tools and information to create the most effective subject lines for your donor audience. In 2014, we will be working to bring you more data and metrics about your project report open rates and click throughs. Stay tuned for more information in 2014!

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