Tips and Tricks for Successful Holiday Fundraising on GlobalGiving


Recently we held a webinar on Holiday Fundraising on GlobalGiving. We went over the campaigns GlobalGiving is hosting this holiday season and a holiday campaign strategy. Did you miss it? Not to worry, below please find a summary of tips and tricks, the slides used, and a recording of the webinar.

Want to read the full terms and conditions of all the campaigns listed below? Click here to learn more about the Thank You Promotion, Gifts for Good, The Recurring Donation Promotion, and GlobalGiving’s first ever Year-End Campaign!

Tips and Tricks:

The Year-End Campaignholida pic

  • Make a plan-How does your organization want to reach the $3,000 threshold from 30 donors?
  • Review GlobalGiving’s tools (tribute cards, fundraiser pages, etc.)- Meet with your team, Board Members , volunteers, etc. to review GlobalGiving’s tools to decide which tools your organization would like to utilize.
  • Review GlobalGiving’s campaigns-What works best for your organization?
  • Set-up a call with a GlobalGiving staff member-We are here to help you set-up a strategy by making a plan that best fits your organization. Click here to sign-up for a one-on-one.

Gifts for Good

  • Consider the cost of this promotion for your organization  when determining donation amount-Take in to account shipping costs (including the cost to expedite shipping), the price the product, and the cost of staff time.
  • Give gifts that are unique, interesting, and relevant- Give a gift that is made by one a beneficiary or give a gift from the location where your project is being completed.
  • Include the “story” behind your gift in your description- Where is the gift from? How does the gift tie in to the work your organization is doing?
  • Ship items quickly –Donors that purchase your gift are now your donors, so treat them as such.  Make sure gifts are shipped in a timely manner in order to ensure the gift arrives in time for the holiday. Your donors are looking forward to the arrival of your Gift for Good.
  • Include a personalized note or card in your package-Donors purchased your gift because they are inspired by your work! Thank them and tell them how their purchase for good will benefit your project’s work.


The Recurring Donation Campaign

  • Let your donors know that they can give a gift that keeps on giving- Some donors aren’t familiar with the recurring donation option on GlobalGiving. Educate them. 
  • Communicate the match- Make sure that your donors know what to do in order for your project to receive a match. In order for a donor’s initial donation to be matched, the donor must keep it active for at least 3 consecutive months (that’s four months all together)
  • Tell your organization’s story and how their donation will help-Explain how a continuous contribution will help your project succeed. For example, giving $25 ensures that Susan will have writing materials for class.


Thank Your Promotion

  • Keep your videos short- no longer than 1 minute-Please keep your video short in order to keep the attention of the viewer.
  • Make sure your video is shot in high resolution-Videos shot in high resolution are desired.
  • Submit content that is relevant to your project- Include footage of your beneficiaries (please always ask permission first), or your field staff, to share your work with donors.


The Highlights

  1. Set Goals- When planning for the holidays set goals. Lots of them! Set goals around:
    • Your communication strategy-how many people do you want to reach? And, how will you reach them?
    • How much funding does your organization want to raise during the holiday season?
    • Who does your organization need to help reach the goal? So for example, will your organization need to enlist volunteers, Board Members, and/or former interns?
  2. Mobilize through a campaign- Pick one or more of GlobalGiving’s campaigns to help engage your donors.  Talk with GlobalGiving staff to learn what campaigns fit your organization best.
  3. Create a communications calendar- Put together a communications calendar focusing on dates of communication and type (for example email or phone)
  1. Develop your messaging- Have communication ready and set to send and implement. Make sure you communicate the correct terms and conditions with your donor base. Provide messaging to those helping you fundraise, by creating template emails and social media tool-kit.
  2. Evaluate your progress and prepare to be flexible- Keep track of your project’s fundraising efforts.  If a fundraising tactic is not working for your organization, prepare to be flexible and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Resources Just for You! 

•We are here to help!-One-on-one support 

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