Regional Bonus Day-Tips and Tricks

Did you miss GlobalGiving’s webinar on the Regional Bonus Days? Not a problem! Check out the recording below.


A Regional Bonus Day gives you the chance to energize your donors and mobilize your local networks!

Bonus Day Schedule

  • Wednesday, October 9th 12:01 am EDT (this time in your city):  for projects taking place in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • Wednesday, October 16th (October 15th at 9:01 pm EDT) this time in your city: for projects in Oceania, Australia and Asia.
  • Wednesday, October 23th  9:01 am EDT (this time in your city: for projects taking place in North America, South America, and the Caribbean

For more information about the Regional Bonus Days click here.

Terms and Conditions 

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 Tips and Tricks

  • You should encourage your donors to contribute early so you can take advantage of the matching!
  • Set a goal (i.e. how much would you like to raise?). This will help you know how many people you need to contact.
  • Reach out to all of your donors through e-mail 1 week before! Tell them your story, so that their donations get matched! However, do not send out directions to donate right away!
  • The day of send an e-mail on your Regional Bonus Day with directions! Keep the language as simple as possible!
  • Pick up the phone and call your major donors and major members! Their donation will go further if they contribute on Regional Bonus Day
  • Pick advocates, and have them set a goal!


1) My organization is based on a different country than my project(s), in which Regional Bonus Day does my project belong?

Your organization will participate in the location where your project(s) is  located. For example, if your organization is located in California, USA but your project is helping people in Uganda, than your Regional Bonus Day will be on Wednesday, October 9th.

If you still can’t find your region, please follow the steps below:

a.  Go to:

b. On the left side of the website, you will notice you can find projects sorted in different categories. Please click on “Projects by Region”















c.   You will be able to search your project by continent and by country

3) Does my project have to be new to participate in the Regional Bonus Day?

Projects do not have to be new. All active projects will automatically participate in the Regional Bonus Days, including micro projects.

4) If a donor makes a contribution to two different projects, will both of his/her donations receive matching?

Yes. The same donor can give to different projects and his/her contributions will be matched in all of the projects.

5) What is a unique donor?

A unique donor is a person that makes a contribution to a particular project. If this person decides to make a contribution to more than one project, he or she will be a unique donor to each project and his/her donation(s) will be matched in every project. If a donor makes a contribution to one project twice, than his or her initial donation will be matched.

6) Where do matching funds come from?

Matching funds come from unused GlobalGiving gift cards.


We are here to help! Click here to set up a fundraising strategy with a GlobalGiving staff member.

Need help figuring out which Bonus Day your project(s) is eligible for, feel free to contact Katherine at 

Warm Wishes,

Gustavo Castillo and the GlobalGiving Team


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