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You asked us for more feedback on your project reports, and we’ve delivered! We’re excited to announce a new project report rating system that will provide you with direct feedback from GlobalGiving about your reports.

Photo courtesy of American Foundation for Children with AIDS

Photo courtesy of American Foundation for Children with AIDS

This new feature will help you to improve your reports and will provide more transparency about how we’re selecting project reports and photos to highlight in our social media and e-newsletters.

Here’s how the rating system works:

After you submit your project report, a GlobalGiving staff member will review it by reading it over, examining the pictures, and checking to make sure that all attachments and links work properly. During this review process, the staff member with then rate it on a scale from 1-5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest rating you can receive.

The main questions we will be asking when reviewing reports is, “How emotionally compelling is the report/update?” (After all, we believe that better, more compelling stories will lead to more donations for you!)

To help us determine the quality, we’ll rate each report with one aggregate score using the following criteria as a guide:

  • Is the report on-topic?
  • Is it written for the correct target audience?
  • Is it compelling?
  • Are there high-quality photos?

If a report received a 1-poor that may mean it does not make sense, does not relate to the project or donated funds; it was not written for GlobalGiving donors, that it looks like it has been copied and pasted from something unrelated (like a grant), that it is too short and has no story or specific people/beneficiaries, that it is not inspiring and does not move the reader emotionally; and/or there are no photos. Reports scoring a 1 will not be approved.

A 2-fair report may make sense and relate to the project, but might not be appropriately directed at donors. It may have a short update about the project, but there might not be a specific story about any beneficiaries. It does not make a reader care more about the project, and/or it does not include any photos.

A report can receive a 3-good rating if it is a detailed update specific to the project, even if it does not have pictures. A slightly shorter report that does include photos may also be in the 3-good range. Both must be related to the project and be directed at donors, making a reader interested in the project itself.

A report rated as 4-very good means that it relates to the project and reports on the donated funds; it is directed at donors and helps to build a relationship between the donor and organization. It may also tell a story using specific people from the project (beneficiaries, donors, project leaders, community members, etc). It moves the reader emotionally and makes them care more about the project. It includes photos of the activities mentioned in the report. This is an example of a project report that received a 4-very good rating.

A 5-excellent report probably contains a detailed update of the project and funds. It most likely tells a story with specific characters such as beneficiaries, donors, project leaders, etc. It may also contain direct quotes from these characters. The report is directed at GlobalGiving donors, and it has vibrant, high-resolution photos. Here is an example of an excellent report.

Very good and excellent reports will help you build relationships with your donors. By targeting your reports at your donors, you are helping them to feel more involved and invested in your projects. Telling stories about specific people helps people relate to the cause and feel emotional ties to your project. We want your donors to become more invested in you and your project because they see the results of how you’ve benefited from their support.

Project report courtesy of ParkouProject report courtesy of Parkour Visionsr Visions

Project report courtesy of Parkour Visions

The project report rating feature is one of the many feedback loops we’re building in to the GlobalGiving system. When you receive the approval email containing the rating of your report, you can learn the areas in which you can improve when writing your reports. For example, if you received an email saying that your report was rated as 2-fair, you then can refer to the guide and how we’d recommend that your report be improved. We hope that this feedback will help you learn and improve as you continue to update your donors – and ultimately, we believe that better reports will lead to more donations!

When you submit very good and excellent reports, your chances of being featured in GlobalGiving’s newsletters and social media are much higher. This will attract new, potential donors for your project. Donors receiving your reports are much more likely to be more invested and tell their family, friends, coworkers about your project(s).

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow’s Youth Organization

We hope that you’re just as excited as we are about this new feature! As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the rating system, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are always happy to assist you!


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