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Marshall and his team have raised close to $220,000 in donations and matching funds through various campaigns on and GlobalGiving-managed corporate websites. He has built relationships with a core group of donors that regularly support Leadership Initiatives via various promotions.  He has developed a comprehensive strategy for campaign outreach and communications, including local donor mobilization in Nigeria, where Leadership Initiatives operates.

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Leadership Initiatives (LI) is primarily based in Nigeria, Namibia, and the Philippines. LI finds community leaders to help communities build up their own infrastructure using their own resources. Marshall constantly refers to his team and donors as a family and a community. Marshall, points out that this community means that you are letting other people contribute to your mission statement and your dream

  •  Most high-end donors did not start out as high-end. They came in to help with something small, such as technology or they were interested in the ideology and then eventually wanted to help out in a more significant way

Campaign fundraisers – are not just a one-time goal, they are a yearly challenge to you and your donors

Plan out the year ahead – at the beginning of the new calendar year ask, what major fundraising days do we want to participate in? What do we have as resources? Who do we have in our network that wants to participate and help out?  Ask, what do we want to do at the at the start and where do we want to be at the end?

Matching Day timeline – (hw coming up) targeting 4 or 5 months out. Participating in a matching day next month, and have been talking to donors about it for 5 months i.e. why it’s important etc.

  •  Create a committee – Allow the dream to become other people’s dream, the dream can be something bigger than you imagined and can change in various ways.
    • Create a committee of committed supporters/staff to help coordinate efforts for Bonus Day/Matching Day
  •  Offer a Skype chat from donors with beneficiaries, employees, anyone within the organization. This gets them excited about the mission and makes them want to participate more.
    • Getting donors excited, they will donate more.

Contact your donors several months ahead of time to update their contact information and thank them for their previous support

Create a donor captain – these are people that have been committed for a long time, asks questions, and share ideologies

  • Donor captains create personal goals – be clear in what you are asking them and work to meet them in person if possible either with a fun get together party i.e. Iron Man 3 movie, dinners or personal meetings with each leader
  • Must make sure everyone is meeting the criteria and if they aren’t move them off
  • Have actual input in how LI develops their programs
  • Matching captain, donor captain, matching day captain à same name
  • Assign certain roles for donor captains

Donor captains: people that really understand the organization have donated several times, really want to do more. Note: All from different economic levels, from school teachers holding baking sales to chief officers in large corporations.

Have bonding events for the donor captains to create a family atmosphere.    Ask them seriously what can be improved, website, org missions, etc.

Have fun! Create challenging fundraisers i.e. schools try to raise money from each of the 50 states.

Make call reminders to the donor captains and to the high end donors

The more professional your organization looks, the more excited your donor captains will be and the better response you will get.

Highlighted Tips

  •  Emails coming from organizational account, not personal account
  •  Buy matching day URLs on for $12 ex.
  •  Create account on
    • Copy and paste GlobalGiving page into forwarding URL section and GoDaddy creates the URL for you.
    • Costs depends on how popular your name is. cost $12, cost $4
  •  Have people on the ground email donor captains and donors so they can see the change that the funds are making on the ground-level
  • Donors who have committed $250 or less get one email, throughout the year receive 4 updates.
  • High-end donors receive personalized phone calls and Skype calls, personal letter from organization, Skype meetings with people on the ground, card on their birthday
  • In-country donors (people on the ground in the countries worked in) can have a problem with meeting the $10 donation amount. Create “donation groups” who pledge $10 to $20 in their own currency for the event. To do this: Find local supporters who have Paypal accounts and in exchange for the $10 to $20 in their local currency will send Paypal money to  newly created Paypal accounts for each donation group, who in turn donate on matching days
  •  Showcase local support to potential donors in the US/UK highlighting to them the commitment and affect your org is having on the ground
    • Donations will increase because of how these stories in the newsletters or emails touched donors
    • The day of the event, send out one more email around 9 or 10 am EST as a gentle reminder to your donor captains to follow up with their pledged donors.
  • ALWAYS send thank you emails showcasing the importance of your supporters’ donations and sharing what you have achieved as a community
  •  This bridges the gap between your supporters, your program/project participants and their local community supporters. This way you will have continued donations support for years to come

Corporate donors – ask for the moon because you might get it.

Build up relationships such as program development so everyone knows who your organization is. One corporate partnership can lead to many others.

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