Give a Gift get a Gift! It’s Gifts for Good Time

It’s time for Gifts for Good again! Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May
12). Offer your donors a gift like jewelry, scarves, etc. in exchange for a specific donation
amount (ex: donate $50 to the GlobalGiving Fund and receive a hand made scarf!).

Your gift will be featured in our Gifts for Good store. Participating organizations are responsible for fulfillment, including shipping and handling. To participate in Gift for Good please submit your form by 11:59 pm ET April 5th. Use this opportunity to get your project in front of GlobalGiving’s 110,000 newsletter subscribers, 57,211 Twitter followers and 40,343 Facebook fans.

What is different about Gifts for Good this round?
This year we are not requiring organizations to send in their gifts, rather
we are asking that organizations submit high resolution, high quality photos taken
against a white background.

Want to learn more about taking photos on a white background? Check outTracy’s
Trinkets & Treasures blog post, Tracy offers helpful tips on taking photos against a white background.



The Specifics

  • April 15-May 12: Gifts for Good campaign is promoted (you may keep your gift listed as long as you like)
  • Only one gift per project
  • Organizations must submit high quality, high resolution photos
  •  In order to participate in Gifts for Good organizations must have a staff member or volunteer in the United States who is able to ship the gift
  •  Gifts must be shipped to donors as they are purchased

 Want to sign up for specific Gifts for Good communication? Click here

Questions? Please feel free to contact Katherine,

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