GlobalGiving’s 2013 Campaign Calendar

Can you believe it is already February? Time is flying, so don’t wait to plan your 2013 fundraising strategy! Before you dive into the calendar give yourself a pat on the back. Why? Because you helped make the 2013 Campaign Calendar by sharing your feedback and suggestions, we thank you!

Did you miss the calendar trainings? Do you want a refresher on what GlobalGiving has in store for 2013? Don’t worry we have you covered. Below you will find a recording and summary of Alexis Nadin’s 2013 Campaign Calendar Training.

Click here to access the recording.

Need help accessing the calendar? You can find it here.

What Campaigns are Right for your Organization?

When reviewing the campaigns offered think about which ones align with your organization’s 2013 fundraising goals. Are you looking to expand your network or do you want to raise a particular funding goal using GlobalGiving’s campaigns? Are you looking to achieve both?

Different campaigns lend themselves more to growing your network and others are better for raising a targeted funding goal. For example, the Photo Contest which will be held July 15-31 is a great way to expand your network. Why? Because you are asking for a vote not money.  You are getting the word out about the work your project does through an engaging photo and all your voters are signed up for your project reports allowing you to create a long-time relationship.

Do you want to engage your advocates? The Fundraising Campaign is great way to do that. Get your advocates excited to help you reach your fundraising goals. Advocates are able to reach out to their network, helping you to grow your own.  Our awesome Tech Team has revamped GlobalGiving’s fundraiser pages and we are excited to show them off. Take a look. The Fundraising Campaign will run September 1-30. Learn more by checking out the calendar.

Are you looking to reach a certain fundraising goal and quickly mobilize your donors? Then, GlobalGiving’s Bonus Days are a great fit! GlobalGiving hosts three Bonus Days a year for current partners. They are a great way to energize your donors. Bonus Days magnify funding urgency and give you an opportunity to express this to your donors.  Bonus Days will be held in March, June and October. Check out the calendar to learn more.

Next Steps

So you have reviewed the calendar,  but now what?


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