New Feature for Leaders and Superstars: Microprojects!

GlobalGiving is excited to announce a new feature, microprojects! Do you have a student you want to provide with a scholarship or do you need to  fund a piece of equipment needed to implement your project? Well, microprojects can help you with that.

We have been anxiously awaiting this feature at GlobalGiving and we are happy to say microprojects will exclusively be available to GlobalGiving’s Superstars and Leaders!  Our Business Development team has been hard at work and this new feature comes courtesy of Microsoft.

You may now be asking yourself, what is a microproject and how is it different from projects I currently have on GlobalGiving?

  • A microproject is a one-time fundraising effort to help achieve a specific activity or outcome.
  • Microprojects can either benefit specific people or an activity with a reasonably small amount of funding.
  • A microproject has 90 days to become funded. After the 90 day period it will expire.
  • Microproject budgets are limited to $250-$10,000.
  • Unlike projects on GlobalGiving’s website, microprojects do not have donation options. Donors will fill in the amount they would like to donate (GlobalGiving’s $10 minimum still applies).
  • Microprojects are tied to a parent projects (parent projects are like projects you currently have on the site and your parent project can be a project you already have up).
  • A parent project must be uploaded and approved before entering microprojects.
  • Organizations may have 25 microprojects active on the site at anytime.
  • Reporting is different as well. Microprojects require one report either after funding or after 90 days of expiration, whichever comes first.

Microprojects are meant to help your projects receive funding for specific activities or for specific beneficiaries. They are meant to be funded quickly and give donors a chance to see what or to whom their donation is directly benefiting. Microprojects will all go through the same approval process as projects, so not all microprojects will be approved if they do not fit within the criteria.

 That is a lot of information! So, what are examples of microprojects and parent projects?

–”$500 will send Grace to school for a year.”

•Parent Project: Scholarships for 100 girls in Liberia

–”$200 will buy Deepti a new goat.”

•Parent Project: Improving the Livelihoods of women in India

–”$400 will provide Oscar with job training.”

•Parent Project: Vocational training for Youth in Argentina

Want to get started right away? Here is how to enter microprojects:

Entering microprojects is very similar to entering projects on GlobalGiving.

  •  Sign-in to Project Entry
  • Once on your dashboard click the orange button “”+add a project””
  • One you are on “”Add a New Project”” you will be able to choose “”Project Type””
  • Click “”Microproject””
  • Once you have chosen microproject you can choose which parent project you would like to be tied to your microproject
  • Fill out the information on your microproject and submit for approval. Approval takes about 1-3 business days.


Questions about microprojects?

Please feel free to send questions to Katherine Sammons,

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